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March 17, 2020
Believe II

There is a boy and his grandfather fishing at the edge of the retention pond.

Their chance of snagging anything is about as likely as catching a leprechaun and having him lead you to his pot of gold.

They stay for a moment and then as expected leave with an empty pail.

I know eventually she will appear.

I have never seen the color of her eyes, her face shrouded by her veil.

I have been bringing her microgreens, baby lettuces and bok choy that I grow hydroponically.

"Like the shamrocks in Ireland," she chortled. "But better than the flies and larvae in this pond," she managed to say.

She surfaces with merely a ripple.

I place the greens at the ponds edge. The Muscovy ducks scatter when she appears.

She tells me she is veiled because she is trying to renounce her human side and be only part of the finned world.

And today she orders me, "Breathe. This virus attacks the lungs. Because your world id destroying the rainforests, the lungs of the world."

She takes my offerings and goes back to the depths of the pond.

I smell cypress, and fresh mowed grass, Breath in, Breath out.

Pholarchos Tarot-- 10 of Wings--In this grand experiment of life can the mind be wide enough to accept all things?


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