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April 22, 2020
Believe VI

I never call Sybylla, my veiled mermaid, directly. I wait till she approaches me.

But tonight I am tired and broken and I go the pond and softly call her name. I want to scream but don't want to disturb the neighbors, or the bear that has been roaming our community and rummaging our trash cans.

I have my rosary made of Job's tears and I pray and cry as silently as I can.

I am crying for the dead caused by this virus, and for their loved ones. I am praying for the front-line doctors and nurses. I am crying for myself because I am selfish and scared.

Sybylla says nothing. But she is singing, in a voice reaching to the farthest stars. "Ave Maria", she sings, "gratia plenar." Her voice encircles me, the neighbors, the wandering bear. A community of beings. She finishes and returns back to the depths of the pond.

I finish my rosary, still silently weeping. I believe....

Pholarchos Tarot--20-Judgement--The eye of every species is on you now.

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