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June 7, 2020
Believe IX

I have kept a ghost light on since the day of George Floyd's murder. In truth it is an enclosed solar lantern hanging from a tree out by the lake in back of our condo, at night, I can see it's faint light flickering.

I imagine that Sybylla can see the light. I have not visited her in days.

On Broadway the ghost light remains on even when the theater is dark. The lights are on, even now, as all the theaters are dark.

I am visiting Sybylla, my veiled mermaid, today in the grey and the drizzle. I know like the trees, the grasses, the furred ones and the winged ones
that she is aware of the tremors shaking our world. I think we humans are always the last to hear.

I am going today to see my grandchilden. I will wear an N95 mask and limit the visit. To protect them, to protect me. I will hug them then sanitize my hands.

Sybylla comes to the surface of the lake and pushes her veil aside, "Leave the light on", she says, and returns to the deeper waters.

Pholarchos Tarot--8 Justice--Listen for the patterns that weave along nerve cells, consider the soul grammer.

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