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June 30, 2020
Believe X

In France and Japan the lavender fields are blooming. Here in Naples, Florida there is heat, humidity and Saharan dust. I resigned from my full-time job as a nurse in an assisted living facility a month ago. Against my better instincts I accepted a part-time position as an LPN in a new facility a mile away from my house. On Saturday I worked a 3-11 shift and had the worst shift of my life. Yesterday, I resigned. Because of Covid-19, because I believe I am "burned out" I am going to try and lie low for a while.

I scoop bugs and frogs
from the pool's chlorine waters
What freedom is this?

I came to the retention pond as the sun was rising this morning. Because of the heat, algae has formed at the pond's edges. Sybylla my veiled mermaid that lives in the pond tells me the algae is not toxic. Nevertheless she has said that she may have to be moved elsewhere as the lawn fertilizer that runs into the pond has begun causing skin irritation. I don't know how she and her sisters move about and she only tells me that it is a secret she cannot divulge.

I wake every morning heavy with anxiety. Going to the pool helps. Praying the rosary helps. Cooking helps. The news does not help.

Tarot of the Crone--7 of Cups--Fantasy--Seek the vision that speaks to your whole heart.

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