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July 26, 2020
Believe XI

I am staying up tonight, though it is less staying than waking disturbed in the early morning hours. I had read somewhere that 2:22 am is the hour of the Mother---the hour when she comes to speak to you. Tonight I wake--fueled by Covid dreams and anxiety, take my St. Anne chaplet and go down to the retention pond. I pray my last day of this novena--protection and health and safety for my grandchildren--for all the world's children.

St. Anne is the patron saint of grandmothers.

Sybylla, my veiled mermaid does not appear tonight. I leave her an offering of seaweed salad and vegetable broth, a bit of my good homemade bread.

They are offerings to her, to St. Anne, and to Nana the Candomble deity with whom St. Anne is syncretized. We need all the Divines we can call at this disordered time in our world.

I go back up the stairs to our condo. I doubt that sleep will come.

Pholarchos Tarot--11--Strength--Let your resolve and your fortitude shine forth.


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