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April 23, 2014: Thoughts
Writing 750 words a day will help me reach my goal, but the problem is right now I'm not sure what to write. The blank screen caused my muse to tiptoe out the door, so now I have to figure out what I want to write without her help. Of course, sometimes my muse is something else. My muse can be the wind or the rain or anything else that I find interesting.

I wonder why inspiration is called a muse as if it is a physical human being instead of a concept or inspiration. I think I'm going to like this exercise if I can just come up with something to say everyday. I already like it even though I think the blank screen frightens away my muse. Maybe if I could just keep from hitting the caps lock key I'd be all right. I like the underline in red when I misspell a word because sometimes my spelling is bad and not just a typo incident.

A typo is when my fingers mistype something especially simple words such as to or for or even four. I also have issues distinguishing the difference between then and than, when I use those words I always wonder if I'm using them properly. I usually don't have problems wither they're, there, or their, but I do have problems with then and than. Writing 250 words a page doesn't seem very difficult. Maybe I can use this exercise to write some of my fantasies especially if it's always kept private.

I wonder if I could get a copy of this to my e-mail because I have problem printing off from this computer. The biggest problem with this computer, the one I'm working on now is its lack of attachment to a printer. I wonder if I could move my printer to his machine and get it connected to this computer rather then the other one. There are other things I need to deal with when it comes to this computer. Maybe the first thing I should do is give the computer a name. I know I named the other computer when I first sit it up; however, I don't think "Living Room" computer or whatever I named it is a good idea anymore.

Living in a studio apartment is really a pain because there is no room for anything and I'm beginning to despise sleeping on a love seat. In fact, there are a lot of things I'm tired of and I don't think I should have to put up with. I can see right now that writing like this is going to be interesting because I'm writing what ever come to my mind rather then thinking about it, which may be one of my problems with spelling. Sometimes I have to think to get a word spelled properly. I never was good at spelling in school and the bullying didn't help.

Maybe I should put my grade school and junior high experience behind me and worry more about how I'm going to pay my bills. I need to contact my brothers and my sister again this week. I think Frank should be home from Mexico either today or tomorrow, but I may have to e-mail him again about calling me. I don't suppose I should complain because he has senior moments, I have them as well. Sometimes I worry that the issue is more then simply a senior moment, but I would have to talk to my doctor about that. This is fun and I think I'm going to like writing this way. Perhaps I need to make a list of subjects to write about and that way staring at a blank screen won't cause my mind to to go blank. My fingers are getting tired because I normally don't write this long without taking a break, but I think this is going to be fun once I get used to writhing 750 words without taking a break. The only time I do that is in November and even then I don't write more then 250 words at a time before taking a break; however one is supposed to push themselves and I'm certainly doing that. Now if I could only break the habit if backspacing when I need to correct a misspelled word or typo. I'm almost done for today and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's session of 750 words and three pages of typing whatever is on my mind. Good.
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