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April 26, 2014: The Pile of Laundry
The pile of laundry seems to grow by itself without any assistance. It's almost as if it has a mind of it's own or perhaps a creature from another deminision. If it isn't done once at least once a week it becomes too much to handle. I never realized how good I had it when I had a washing machine in the house. Then I could do laundry everyday without worrying about the cost of anything except detergent or fabric sheets.

It's easier to use fabric sheets then fabric softener. If I use fabric softener I have to put watch the wash and rinse cycle, but if I use fabric sheets then I can put them in the dryer without worrying about wash cycles. Fabric sheets don't get the clothes as soft, but they give the clothes a fresh smell and the isn't any static cling.

I don't sort the clothes either. My grandmother sorted her clothes and she showed me how to sort my, but it's just too much trouble or maybe it takes too much time. When I sort clothes I have to stand up, which is difficult for more then ten minutes at a time. Sometimes ten minutes is difficult. I can't sit down for long periods of time either, but for a different reason.

If I sit down too long, my knees sometimes go out of join when I go to get up. It hurts when my knees go out of joint. If I stand up for too long then my legs go to sleep and have a tendency to swell afterwards. Sometimes being old and in poor health is a pain. I have to start back to the gym.

I've been lazy the past few weeks and haven't gone to the gym. I felt better when I went to the gym, especially when I used the treadmil or the leg lifts. I've been lazy the past few weeks or perhaps depressed would be a better word. Maybe it's my approach to work that is the problem.

I haven't been treating my work or any other activity as worship of God. Word done in the proper spirit is worship of God. My grandmother knew how to do work in that type of spirit. Grandma Mary seemed to enjoy doing house work and maybe she enjoyed it because she realized it was worship of God. I wish I could talk to Grandma and find out what she thought about housework and doing laundry.

Tomorrow a new week starts. It's a new chance to worship God. It's a new chance to make a difference in the world. A new week is always a new, a fresh beginning; maybe that's what I should write in my Sunday blog entry. Perhaps I could use that in a story or poem. I haven't written either this week. I didn't enter any contest, in fact, the only thing I did this week was blog entries. I have so many other writing projects to complete.

I don't know how much time I have left on this earth. I'm not in good health, my health could be worse, but I'm still not in good health. I'm not even sure I'm in fair health although that's what I put in surveys when they ask me about my health. I have so much wrong that I can't put good, but fair health probably comes close to the truth.

I can't afford to procrastinate anymore. I have to push the limits of my procrastination and do the work necessary to stay in as good a health as I am at this point. I wonder why I always get off the topic I begin with. Maybe it's because I can't write more then 200 to 250 words on one subject at a time. It could just as easily be the way my mind work today.

I know I worry too much. I also don't drink enough water. I can't stand to drink water at room temperature so I have to keep water in the refrigerator in order to drink it. I can take one or two sips at room temperature, but that's all. I remember when Mom took her pills she would only take a sip of water instead of drinking and entire glass. I have to get out of the habit of taking a few sips of water. When you take pills a entire glass of water should be taken with the pills. I guess I've gotten...

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