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There is a lot within me Other Than Scriptwriting. This blog is devoted to those stories.
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About Three Hundred Left
About Three Hundred Left

That’s how many words that I got left to write on my second short story for this month. I should have gotten it done before I started writing this blog entry. And I should have been able to get it written. but one thing led to another, and I didn’t get it. at least there are only around three hundred words left. After all, it could have been a lot worse than that.

Today started out very well. My brother and I did have a couple of things that needed to be done today. But we got them done early in the afternoon. So, I had plenty of time to finish. And work on it I did. But then we lost our cable and internet service. Not because of us, but because of a service problem in our area. As a result, we were out of both services until almost seven PM WDC time.

It was about two hours before we got it back. And I know that I should have continued working on my short story. But I was afraid of how it would turn out to be. That’s how mad that I was about what was happening. Besides, I probably would have had to re-write it anyway because of the way it turned out. So, I decided that it was best if I waited until the problem was over to continue with this short story.

With only about three words left, I should get them done before I go to sleep tonight. I’m just not sure if I will be able to get it created and posted by then. It all depends on how long it does take me to write it. after all, it’s not just the writing. I also need to break it down to get it under two thousand words total. And then I will need to do a Grammarly check on it.

After I do that check only then will I be able to create and post it. and I should be able to do that in the next day or two. I may not be able to do it before I go to sleep tonight. But I should get it done so that it can be done when I get home from work tomorrow night. Either way, I will get it entered into this contest this month. Even though I only had a couple of weeks to write it.

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