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"Journalistic Intentions October Entry 3 - Cheese

         All my life I have had a love affair with cheese. As a kid, I would get into trouble with my mom by sneaking into the kitchen around dinnertime and eating the crispy browned cheese off the top of dishes like pizza and lasagna. Grilled cheese sandwiches were my favorite lunchtime fare until I got into high school and learned you could add hot ham to the sandwich and make it even better. But even today, if I am feeling bad all I want to eat is a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of either chicken noodle or tomato soup. For me, cheese in any form is the ultimate comfort food. It is the best food for the munchies and is an excellent addition to any meal. I married a man who is just as enthusiastic about cheese and our girls also share our love. We joke we are like a family of mice we like cheese so much. It is probably our most purchased and eaten food item. Shredded, sliced, block - I buy them all every time I go to the grocery store to shop. You will also find cottage cheese, soft cheeses, and curds in our fridge. Recently, I have seen signs that my husband is even more bonkers for cheese than I am. I have caught him sleepwalking to the refrigerator in the middle of the night and grabbing slices of cheese or handfuls of shredded cheese. I have even awoken in the morning to find slices of cheese in bed with us, stuck to his arm or torso and even stuck to the bed sheets. Cheese is by far my favorite food though. In fact while I have been able to survive without eating many greens due to one of my health conditions and one of the medications I am on, I really don't think I could go a day without eating cheese. I would be like I was as a kid or maybe even take a few lessons from the hubby and sneak it every chance I got.

Here's to the love of cheese! Possibly the world's greatest culinary discovery.

for the love of cheese

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