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Prompt 5 Andre The Blog Monkeys banana Bar 2021
5. Sitting at the bar you have a lively conversation with Andre. But it seems as though everyone else is ignoring you. As you glass at the mirror, you realize that you have no reflection.

Dear Margaret:

As Halloween is closing to an end I find that it had been enlightening. I've learned a lot about monkeys, which I did not know. Recently, at the Halloween party that took place at Andre The Blog Monkey Banana Bar Andre, Erthala, and I were engaged in conversation as people do at parties.

Andre told us about the Shaolin monks, monkey moves They are truly interesting. A higher learning by Warrior Monks. They studied the physical way a monkey moves as it flies through the canopy. Then, used the information to make their monks more athletic.

I also learned how many varieties of new world monkeys there really are and some of the reasons some of them are endangered.

Andre and I were engaged in a conversation about how different fruit drinks combined with tea or alcohol can have different affects on the body. Andre is quite knowledgeable about the outcomes of fruit and alcohol. My knowledge leans toward combining fruit with tea and the outcomes thereof. There is a long mirror behind the bar.

Suddenly, Erthala exclaimed and pointed at the mirror. "Look, Apondia, your reflection is not in the mirror. " I looked up and in truth I could see Erthala, and Andre but, not myself reflected.

Unfortunately I moved into one of my long winded explanations:

That is because while I'm in the bar an attempt is always being made to make me conform to the way others believe or think. In truth, Erthala this happens in a lot of places in my life. A reflection of me would mean acceptance.

I often have to explain to other people, that I cannot react like they do to a given situation, because I am living in my body not theirs. I believe in the individuality of each person. Never-the- less a song we use to sing in chorus tells this story, "No Man is an Island, No man stands alone."

Take blogging with the Thirty Day Blogging Challenge. There are a lot of people that write about similar experiences. They all live in different countries or states, have different lifestyles, and different habits.

People often have similar thoughts even though they live in different countries. If I told any of these people they had to take up residence in a home just like mine. Keep my daily schedule, like only what I like, never move or think unless they were on my schedule and my life line. They would revolt. Individuality is impossible to erase. DNA has more to do with this than we ever pay any attention too.

When you get into a situation like the Blogging with the Banana Bar, people expect me to respond exactly as they think I should. When I do respond I keep my individuality.

There is a way of using your mind to cause a reaction in an animal and sometimes in people. A way to control energy waves and make animals or people do what you want. Good psychology makes this wrong. You are cutting across free will. The only time it would be honest would be when fighting evil that cannot be controlled by personal physical intervention. Police help us there.

I have a hard time believing in mirrors without reflections. A mirror reacts to it's reality. So, if there is a problem with a reflection it is probable that the mirror itself has left the realm of reality or the person who is standing in front of the mirror has insisted in remaining in some way, within a stable reality. Or, you are in the realm of fantasy or fiction where anything can happen.

If you read or write fiction you are writing about things you think may happen or things that are happening or things that have happened, in some other realm or time. It is still out about whether fiction writers are influencing history, creating history, looking into another realm with their minds, or thinking in a prophetic way.

There is a general belief because of some bible scriptures that you should never use your imagination. First the reason it is in the bible is because people have been making up imaginary stories since they became able to think. I ask you. How have those imaginary stories influenced people.

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is imaginary about an imaginary world. Yet from beginning to the end the series is a compact allegory about real beliefs of people on the earth.

Erthala says, don't forget Harry Potter. Harry Potter makes witches fall into categories: Good and bad witches. But, are good witches really witches? or spiritual people fighting evil who are branded as witches? Parts of the Harry Potterseries may be from another English authors writings. Groosham Grange by Anthony Horowitz which deals with witches. And, at least one of the spells Harry is famous for is Biblical.

I replied, If you believe in God one of the first things you learn is Genesis 1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. We also learn that he rested after creation. And, he set up a 7th day of the week so we could rest. God speaks to and through individuals. He puts wisdom in us so we can fight the evil we think and do.

It does not say he quit creating only that he rested from it. As a spirit, God created people and look at what we can do, should do, and should not do.

Erthala spoke up, "aren't we diving into philosophy and spirituality? If you are a writer that is what you are creating. You are creating entertainment and knowledge for your readers. "

I replied. "Drinking alcohol or writing something down that is in your mind. It can be bad or good. It's use is up to the person using it. So Erthala. if you cannot see my reflection in your mirror perhaps we are grounded to reality in a different way. Or the mirror needs to be cleaned."

Erthala laughed, Andre chattered grabbed a cloth and started cleaning the mirror.

Just so you know Margaret. I'm not very superstitious about mirrors or vampires. The currant Vampire rage like all subjects has flowed across countries through written stories before and it will fade after while, when a new subject becomes popular. Or when a new generation of writers takes hold.

Halloween is interesting to me it's a different kind of holiday. This year I'm having a good time creating stories with others. Perhaps I will have something to say about Thanksgiving when it comes up. See you in WDC. Bye for now Margaret.



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