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Well, here it goes! 'The Bard's Hall Contest' got me blogging again, so wish me luck!
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Wake up People
What is happening to our country? First of all the Biden's Administration wants the IRS to spy on us, seeing how much we pay takes.

Then they want our tax money to go to the illegals crossing our border, the ones who were separated at the border during Trumps Administration - Why did President Trump to this? He wanted to make sure these were the child's rightful parents, but it sure became a great talking point for the democrats. Well, now they want to put these reparations into their huge bill, they want to give $450,000,00 to each person separated at the border. Around 90,000 have already signed up for this windfall. The democrats really hate hard working people! So, this is how they'll punish us by giving out hard earned money to these aliens who broke the law and crossed over our border illegibly.

Well, this all makes sense in the democrats eye because they love anybody breaking the law - They don't arrest anyone who killed, raped, stole from anybody, burnt buildings, or even start forest fires in California. They feel we've been too hard on the criminals - This explains why the democrats want to defund the police. They hate the police because they lock up all their friends. These are the ones who go around and sell the drugs - They'll do whatever the democrats tell them to do? Why? This way the crooked politicians don't have to dirty their hands.

During the 2016 election it was democrats who conspired in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA to get dirt from Russians to smear Trump with sexual innuendo and collusion that didn’t exist. Now, that everything came out that this was all bogus, they have been fired from these organizations for ethical misconduct, quit in disgrace or will be under prosecution soon.

What ticks me out the most is that Biden, while vice president, helped get his son multi-million dollar gigs that required no work because he was a drug addict that needed money to support his cocaine habit and hooker habit. Remember when he once knocked up a hooker who tried to get money from him to him raise their child. Of course he was way above her and refused to pay her anything out of his millions he cons foreign governments.

No wonder they want the cops disbanded! So they scheme, without being called on it by the police, they can get their many voters or potential voters - all criminals like Illegal immigrants, illegal drug dealers, illegal drug users, violent felons and corrupt officials who only care about one thing - getting back into power!

This is why our government is not working for the people anymore! Why should they? They get in illegally, so why not scheme? It has paid off for these democrat and rhino-republicans for many, many years. This is why our country is going to hell. All across America, infrastructure concerns are all too familiar. Whether it’s roads, bridges or transit systems struggling to provide convenient, reliable access. Water pipes and plants are struggling to provide clean, affordable service, our infrastructure is failing to deliver on good, reliable usage.

Every time I cross a bridge I pray it won't fall down, or drive on our roads that look like a bunch of patchwork, their condition deplorable - potholes here and there that you have to remember not to hit. Who lives like this when there should be money tucked away for such a project. Where does this money go? They tax us for gas we buy for our cars - this was suppose to go towards such a project. Put these politicians in charge of our hard tax paying money, and they use it for their pork barrel spending.

Thank you for listening to my rant, I had to let loose on these crazy goings on right now. Our country is in trouble, and we need to fight once again like we did back when, so we won't be taxed to death again - what England did to the thirteen colonies. Otherwise the government will control our whole life and we'll find ourselves in a breadline like third-world countries. They hate Americans who work and support themselves. They want to give us free money until we're dependent on them, then they'll spring all these different mandates they want people to do. They want each American to be good little sheep, and beg for our freedom. This is socialism that will soon turn to communisms. Wake up people, we don't want this to happen to our country! It's getting to that point, so let's act before it's too late!


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