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November 2, 2021
Prompt November 2

You are the curator of a museum. This museum has an area of interest to you. Take us on a guided tour of your latest exhibition.

Raen walked through the corridor, wondering where it actually came from. To her left and right were moving dioramas of scenes that The Middle of Everywhen thought were most illustrative of the prior omniverse. Raen didn't know what the creature/place used to define the list of dioramas.

The first diorama she encountered was full of stars, galaxies, and planets swirling into being against a background that almost had a pattern. Next, it was like this nascent universe passed through a prism and became many nearly identical universes. This is where Raen discovered she could zoom in on the dioramas. She zoomed in until she could see that the prism causing the universes to diverge was a generic-looking person.

Raen passed the next few dioramas not really clear on what they were showing. She stopped in front of one that looked like a web of glowing dots spread in a pattern through empty space. Curious she zoomed in on one of the clusters of dots to finally come to the understanding that each glowing orb was a person. It was pretty. Then a dimming of the orbs passed through the diorama until there was only a small corner of the diorama still properly lit. Raen zoomed in on the active border to discover that the dimming represented a stifling of individuality by a collective of parasites. Suddenly somewhere in the middle of the dimmed patch one orb shone more brightly than any in the uninfected area. As that brightness enveloped the whole diorama the orbs all began to shine as brightly as before.

So there had been a point in the old omniverse where individuality and free will were almost driven from existence. Interesting. Raen passed a number of other dioramas that didn't show much on the scale they were natively set at and she saw little reason to zoom in. She reached another like the darkening one. this time instead of a sudden bright glow spreading light back throughout the universe smaller spark-like splashes of light erupted like fireworks spreading out from the light section until almost all the orbs glowed as bright as before. Raen cocked her head at that.

The next several displays showed universes imploding in a pattern throughout the omniverse. They were interesting until it became clear the pattern was accelerating. The edge of the omniverse began to darken and thicken. Small fireworks flashed through the edge, some stabilizing beyond the implosive sphere of the omniverse, but most just burned brightly and flickered out. The next diorama was zoomed in on one of those still brightly burning sparks, Raen could see the nearly white interior of the Middle of Everywhen entity she stood within. It seemed highly compressed neatly wrapped around a woman Raen didn't recognize.

Then the diorama zoomed in on an even smaller spark, inside its swirling event horizon slept a little girl, with a bracelet, on that bracelet was stamped, "Raen Davis." Before Raen could try to rewind the diorama's scene back to the origin of that spark light filled the diorama in another dance of creation. The spark holding Raen and the spark that was the Middle of Everywhen were swirled randomly into the baby universe. Raen's spark opened on a small backwater colony of earth named Tradehub and she lost track of the other spark.

Sparks penetrated the new omniverse from all around. A large glowing orb existed just beyond the edge of the new omniverse. It glowed brightly as though the MOE wanted her to go there. Then the glow of that orb grew to fill the space until it faded back into the nearly infinite white space within the Middle of Everywhen.

Beaoul, the only other occupant of the Middle of Everywhen, walked up from behind Raen. "What did it show you?" There was the hint of an excited grin on her wolfishly hellhound face.

"I think it is sending us somewhere," Raen stated. "Did you know I wasn't from this omniverse?"

Beaoul sat on her haunches, "I had some idea that first night when I scratched you and it healed."

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