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My thoughts released; a mind set free
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Return of the Muse (She Really Needs A Name)
I did set up another journal for my Keto journey, so I will continue to use this one for whatever else strikes my fancy. What a strange phrase, "strike one's fancy". First off, what is one's fancy? Secondly, why would you want anyone or anything to strike it?

But, that's not what I came in here to write about. There are many strange sayings and we could ponder them through the day. I think, by the time we discovered the origin and true meaning of one, there would be two more.

No, today I wanted to write a little welcome back entry for my muse. She has been missing for a few years now, and no matter where I looked, she was no place to be found. I thought, "She's left me for a younger writer."

But that was not the case. We are still intimately close, now that she's back. Seriously, can one get more intimate than sharing our innermost thoughts? She guides me into the mystical worlds of my mind sharing her thoughts and emotions as we travel these strange and often wonderful worlds.

It's funny, in a non-humorous sort of way. We are so close yet I do not know her name. I reckon we will have to take care of that problem forth-with!

Anyway, I was reading through the Newsfeed a few days back and saw a contest for writing one, the first, chapter. Now, without my muse, I would ponder the idea of writing to a prompt and possibly spend a few days trying to find something worthy of writing, only to come up blank and frustrated. That's how it works when my muse is gone.

But when I look at the prompt and pondered what I could write this time, her sweet, soothing voice began whispering in my mind's ear some ideas. I had to open my word processor as we discussed ideas, plots, and where this could go.

Of course, weekends are not a good time for me to write, so many interruptions and things going on, so I decided to wait until today to process these thoughts and ideas further. Even though she agreed, she continued to whisper her excitement and joy that we would once again be creating yet another story together...

Yes, when I settled down from my excitement of having her back by my side, I asked her why she had left; was it something I had done?

She smiled, in a musing sort of way, and said no, you did not do anything. I have missed you as greatly as you have missed me. She blushed, in my mind, and said, "This is pretty embarrassing, but I need to tell you." She paused for a moment, then continued, "I had some ideas for some poems I wanted to share with you, but I needed to go for a bit of a journey to see those places again. I didn't figure I would be gone for very long, maybe a day or two, then I would be home again and we could take my ideas and write some beautiful poetry."

I was going to ask her about those poem ideas, but she put her hand up, gently touching my lips, and hushed me. "I looked, I thought, and I was heading back to you. But, well this is where it gets embarrassing. I forgot where we lived. I remembered the place in South Dakota, but I never pay much attention to things like moving, work, or any of that reality crap. You know me, I live in fantasy and fiction and only deal with reality in poetry."

She looked about ready to cry and I longed to hold her close to me, to comfort her, to tell her everything would be okay. But before I could, she rushed forwards to me, crashing into me and squeezing me in her embrace. Then she looked up into my eyes, her gold irises with the beautiful blue borders were big, shining, and wet with the tears she was no longer holding back. "I couldn't remember where to go, so I went to the house in South Dakota and waited for you to return. Then, I remembered, we don't live there anymore. In desperation, I searched in every direction but I could not find my way home. I had just about given up any hopes of us being together again. I sat down in a field of snow and cried out with my mind for you, and then, I heard your mind crying out to me. I locked on to your thoughts, your please for me to return, and they carried me over the miles of snow and ice, and then... And then we were together again."

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