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The Enchanted Forest

Music Video 3 :: Earth by Lil Dicky


What can I say about the video? It was surreal. I recognized from the beginning that each of the creatures had the voice of someone famous making a cameo in the video and song. I loved the animation. I hadn't experienced a song by this artist before and it did make me curious to listen to other songs by him.

I chose this video because I have seen the other two videos many times and while I loved them both I didn't feel I would have a spontaneous reaction to them. The animation was awesome. I loved the way the scenes blended. There were a couple of places it looked like they recycled part of the animation, like with the flying on the back of the eagle.

The message was good but you could say that of all the videos. Some of the language was a little inappropriate. I think I can forgive that... The song itself was repetitive. Okay, so "We love the Earth!" We all live here I would think we had to at least like it at least a little.

The video made me think of the way everything seemed easier, simpler and more comfortable in my childhood. It wasn't so hot, or it didn't seem that way. Back then all you had to do to save the world was, not run the water while brushing your teeth, pick up your trash, and turn off the lights when you left the room. Now you can't buy this or that. If you don't recycle and compost and use energy-efficient appliances you are in league with the devil. Pick up your trash doesn't matter because it has to go somewhere and we figured out we are running out of somewheres.

The video’s tone was uplifting and optimistic, but it left me feeling pessimistic about our chances. Too few people are doing much of anything to fix the problems we are causing. Heck we can’t even get the politicians to agree that the problems exist and need to be fixed. They just care about being reelected and will say anything for votes, even if it means they contradict themselves from one speech to the next.

The video doesn’t really address any of the issues. It just peppily repeats that, "We love the Earth!" But do we? Or do we take it for granted? The changes we have caused are just too subtle for most people to really pay attention to. I mean what is a degree or two a year? We don’t have to do anything, it will fix itself. It isn’t broken, it is just a natural fluctuation. Temperatures have varied for millenia without us having done anything.

I worry that people won’t even start trying until it is far too late. I remember a book I read when I was little, The Missing Person’s League, it was about the future. The environment had degraded so much that everywhere there was supplimental oxygen bottles for emergencies. Everyone took tranquilizers like candy just to get through the day. The food chain was so screwed up that you had to be especially priveledged to get real fresh food as opposed to artificially produced pseduo-foods. Everything was rationed.

The main character of the story was a teenaged boy. His mother and sister had disappeared several years before the story. A lot of people disappeared randomly. The boy had dug a secret garden under his house with his father’s help. His father had bypassed the electric meter and hooked up grow lights down there. The boy raised corn, chickens and other things down there. It was all highly illegal. He had bought the fertilized chicken eggs on the black market and raised them in his basement.

He was a good farmer. His father was an inventor. Ultimately over the course of the story his father goes missing and the government starts investigating the boy. There is a girl whose family dissappeared as well she is hypnotised or something and has a dark society looking after her. Well she and the boy end up searching out these rings. Then they have to find their way to this bunker. Mercury is the key to opening the bunker. The government agents find them just as they get it open and they go inside with them. It turns out the rings they had to find were to protect them from the boobytrap that disintegrates the government agents.

The kids are then reunited with their families and discover they are about to be put into suspended animation until the enviornment can right itself. It is a really optomistic ending and I always wondered what the world would be like when they were woken up.

I have a book called After Man it is a mostly picture book that shows the possible ecosystems after man wipes out nearly all life of the planet. I have thought about hitting those two storys together and writing a sequel, but I am too lazy.

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