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The Magical Underwater Realm
Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. -John Lennon

Yeah. In school I planned on what I wanted to do after school. After school I planned my summers. Until middle school, I came to the eighth grade and I was supposed to file paperwork to go to a special high school. I would have graduated from that high school with the first year of college credit done. I put off turning in the paperwork,until suddenly I was in high school, then I was supposed to plan what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Not only that but I was supposed to do something about it. Planning for college still seemed so far away from where I was. That was the future and everybody knows the future is tomorrow and that tomorrow never quite gets here. For a gifted and talented student I wasn’t very grounded in the realities of life. I spent a lot of time home sick and it made it easy to forget the real world when I was watching PBS at home and reading college textbooks for fun. It didn’t help when my high school tried to impress me with the reality of life by suspending me because I missed too many days of school. The logic of that defied me. We appealed and things continued on that way. At the beginning of freshman year I was placed in remedial classes as a drop out risk. We’re talking one plus one equals two remedial. Despite coming out of college level middle school courses like algebra and trigonometry. My mom appealed the descision, and swore again at my not having been accepted for the program that I forgot to submit the paperwork for.

Yeah I was a drop out risk. I didn’t care. I rarely learned anything at school. Usually most lessons were at best refreshers. The exceptions were foreign languages and English composition. I absorbed them. I could write a five thousand word research paper in an afternoon that the teacher would grade as better than any of the papers that the other students sweated an entire semester over. It was fun, finding the words to guarantee the grade I wanted. My comp teachers all told me if I applied half the effort in any of my other classes that I did in comp I would be getting straight A’s. That might or might not be true. The truth was if I were applying half the effort to wiping my butt that I did to those papers my mom would have put me back in diapers because of skid marks. I thought it was a funny idea. One of my five hundred word practice college entrance essays was on an example of modern technology and how it changed the world. I wrote The Toilet Paper Paper, and got an A, and told I should submit it I was guarenteed to get into any college with that piece of …

I never bothered to apply to college. I never really planned on going but I guess I figured they would just automatically fight over getting me. If I had applied myself that is possibly true. I was a National Merit Scholarship Finalist because of my PSAT score. I took the test hung over from a bad bout of the flu and a dose of night-quill before the test… with less than no prep, and no calculator. Forgot the test was that day and was lucky to borrow a number two pencil. I wasn’t the only finalist in my highschool there was another girl whose biggest accomplishment was that I think she was pregnant at graduation. Hey whatever, I was a virgin at 35 so to each their own, but at least I got that right as far as my father cared.

I attempted writing a book after graduation. After a year my mother insisted I either get a job or go to college. I tried jobs, they didn’t work for me. My mood swings didn’t work for them. So on my way home after getting fired again I stopped off at a community college, discovered because I had taken a class there in highschool I didn’t even have to apply, I also discovered I could receive enough financial aid to pay me to go to class- a job I was pretty good at when I tried. I made sure my schedule was no more than three days a week and by my second year I still had perfect attendance. I also had gotten enough straight A’s to make up for the D I got in the Chinese class I did in highschool and I became a member of the National Honor Society.

Yeah that is life. It just happens whether you plan it or not, whether you think it will or not.

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