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June 27, 2020
Magick works!

For 21/2 years I have been using spells and curses with the intention to have the McNasty neighbors downstairs move away.

On June 11th I started sprinkling black salt on their property per the recommendation of a YouTube video "Grimoire of the Modern Witch."

On June 23rd said neighbors left a letter on our doorstep (we don't speak) stating that they would be moving in a short time. I certainly hope this is true! They are not good people despite their claims of love, light, and peace. No apologies for any of their egregious actions just statements of their superior spirituality.

I still have sweet revenge oil to sprinkle with the ashes of their letter.

My birthday is Halloween and so I have an affinity for witches. They live at the edges of their communities. Edges are the best places to discern the truth. They want to tell stories (spells) that work and actually change things! I want to be enchanted, charmed, spellbound. But I also want results!

These McNasty's started as friends. But David and I have lost far better friends than them for infinitely less egregious actions than theirs. People slip in and out of our lives all the time.

Pholarchos Tarot--6 of Coral--Sit at the water's edge, and fill a bowl with seawater to bathe in. Tell all about the Moon! She knows you know about her Magick. New moon tonight!

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