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July 11, 2022
A hand emerges from a steamy crater holding aloft a flaming torch. A ladder arises from the crater. This morning's card from the Somnia Tarot-Ace of Wands---Aces always indicate the start of new beginnings--and wands--fire and action--spiritual growth.

Some weeks ago I attended a healing class, "The Jesus Codes"--a learned a new healing modality, not a bad idea to have a backpack full of healing energy tools. I also learned more about the Solfeggio frequencies. And while it is not strictly music--they are the sounds I most frequently listen to at this time.

The tones were initially discovered by Guido d"Arezzo and were initially found to be prevalent in the chanting of Gregorian monks.

I play the sounds first thing in the morning with my coffee--and prepare to face the day. I listen at night to help me sleep and to release the stressors of the day.

Goggle Solfeggio frequencies and you will find a wealth of information. Happy listening and healing!


Pholarchos Tarot--Ace of Wands--What can you imagine? What can you become?

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