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Enchanted Chamber

This adventure is an amazing one. The graphics are like totally wow! I haven't seen any other activity on this site go to as many lengths to put up gorgeous graphics. Every single scene and trinket designed for this adventure is just breathtaking. The trinkets are definitely something to treasure. I love the different fairy trinkets the best they have just so much individual personality. This is a very visual challenge. Many of the chosen prompts are visual as well.

Then there is the narrative. The story being told throughout the adventure is consistent and entertaining. Each fairy introduces themselves and their realm in a cute way promising fun and danger to be found in that segment of the adventure. That brings up the one disappointment for me there really is no danger to be found in any of the adventures but the introduction to each realm suggests it is to be found. The closest you come to danger in the whole adventure is the danger of running out of time and with a two-month open period that only applies if you are a slacker. Several people were done with the challenge within a few days of the beginning of the second month. I would have been one of them if not finished in the first month if I had been better able to focus on the challenge properly. That was one of the things most of the fairies warned you to do, keep focused on the challenge. So meh I guess that is okay.

I found the three parts to each of the realm challenges interesting and sometimes challenging. The music videos chosen for the first realm inspirations were pretty cool. Two of them I had seen many times before I guess that is why I chose the third one to write my blog entry about. The most memorable prompt image for me was the Dancing Skeletons of the Abysmal Realm. It is what I blogged about for that realm.

The quotes of the underwater realm were a little harder for me to find inspiration from but I managed. The blog entry for the light realm, with the proverb quotes, was by far the easiest one to write. It really practically wrote itself for me. That was because I have been having difficulty with one of my dogs having fallen head over heels for a squeaky toy that was subsequently “murdered” by another of my dogs and I had to search the entire city to replace it so Charlie wouldn’t be despondent.

The review elements of the challenge were both the easiest part of all of the tasks and the most difficult. In genres I regularly read, I had a little trouble finding pieces that I felt were the right length that I hadn’t read or reviewed before. In genres I don’t regularly read, the difficulties were in not enjoying that genre enough to want to read any of them or my own conflicting ideas on the subjects of the pieces. By far though the most difficult thing for me to do was remembering putting a link back to the challenge in the review. I think I did like eight to ten reviews that didn’t count because I forgot to put in the link. I don’t consider them wasted reviews, no review is a waste of time, it is merely a form of respect for the time the author put into their piece, but it did make more work for me. One of the things about this challenge that helped me grow the most is the length requirement on the reviews. I always write them over two hundred fifty characters, but this challenge encouraged/ required longer reviews. I felt it was a good practice and will improve my reviews going forward.

I would do the adventure again if it were slightly different, though maybe next time it would be cool if the guiding creatures were something other than fairies… maybe dragons or unicorns or a variety like a mermaid for the underwater realm, and a pegasus for the air realm, a dragon for fire/ war, an ent or dryad for the forest realm you know stuff like that. Maybe exploring the different cultures of the creatures would be fun. Another thought would be to create new realms that incorporate review genres that weren’t used this time.

Overall this is the best activity I have participated in on Writing Dot Com. I am glad I chose to complete this challenge rather than going through wonderland again. It was a fun new experience.

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