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July 25, 2022
Dancing at Lammas

I have always believed that healing is what happens when you move beyond suffering into myth. I think that is what happened when Sybylla showed up in my life.

She appeared during the height of Covid when we were all still masked and staying home.

Sybylla is a veiled mermaid that lives in the retention pond behind our condo. She communicates more infrequently with me now, as more people are around and she prefers to remain a mystery. Her communications have always been profound.

Lammas is coming up on August 1st, a Harvest festival. Sybylla tells me it is her favorite holiday. It celebrates the abundance of the earth, and by extension the waters of the earth.

In antediluvian times the Sibyls, particularly the African Sibyls, were the rulers of the land. And it is likely they had the force and power, and were the embodiments of the Divine Feminine. Sybylla is a devotee of Mami Wati.. Mami Wati is the Igbo goddess of water, and is often represented as a mermaid. Her feast day is June 25th, but Sybylla prefers celebrating her at Lammas.

The core of Mami Wata's worship is dance, and Sybylla associates her at Lammas with the play, "Dancing at Lughnasa".

Rhythm is ebb and flow, the alternating of sound and silence over time.

Sybylla says on Lammas Day to listen, dance and sway until you forget yourself, until you know yourself as ebb and flow, sound and silence, power and creativity.

Dark Goddess Tarot--Three of Water--Mami Wata---Dance for yourself, for your tribe, for the Divine.

Author's Note: My blog has many entries concerning Sybylla. These are not to be considered a part of this entry for the Creature Feature contest. I am listing them in chronological order for any who might want to read them.

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