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Day 7 - Plot: Outline Revision 1
This is very patchy and needs a lot of work:

Maurice meets Philomena for the first time, on stage at the theatre.

Philomena invites Maurice to meet her afterwards in the bar.

Maurice very curious about how magic was done, and who Philomena is

Philomena invites Maurice to go on to a restaurant she knows, then on to a club. Maurice goes with her. Conversation continues, and Maurice meets some of Philomena's friends.

Maurice becomes lost going home in the fog.

Dark water experience.

Maurice has his first encounter with the Devil.

Finds dead girl, (murdered), on common, at first sees her as his sister, and is very upset.

Meets Pleasure, who pretends to be helpful, encourages Maurice to have a drink 'for his nerves.'

Meeting with police, and questioning.

Philomena calls on Maurice, exciting the curiosity of Mrs. Abner.

Maurice returns to the theatre. Manager tells him everyone is talking about the act. Manager demands Maurice take on Philomena as regular assistant. Maurice promises to ask.

Maurice returns to the club, looking for Philomena, and encounters Pleasure and Pain. Not knowing what they are, (associates of the Devil), he enters into conversation with them.

Description of Maurice's childhood experience - told to Philomena.

Police further question Maurice.

Maurice's involvement with Police enquiry leaked to the public, who presume guilt.

Maurice sacked from the theatre because manager believes he might be responsible for girl's death.

Maurice's home and person attacked.

Maurice believes he will be arrested and charged with murdered.

Feast plies Maurice with drink, getting him very drunk.

Maurice encounters Philomena in his home. Does not hit or hurt her, and realises he is not his father.

Police catch killer in the act. Maurice is exonerated.

Philomena invites Maurice participate to the Theatre of Magic.
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