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Day 10. Character: Dramatis Personae

Stage magician, in his early late twenties. Affable and generally pleasant company. Prone to depression, and periods where he lacks energy. Unmarried, and unable to form lasting relationships with women.


Mysterious creature, who claims to be part of the mysterious Theatre of Magic. She does seem to be able to do magic, changing from woman to man at will, and later demonstrating that she can change her appearance completely, though Maurice somehow always knows it is her.

The Devil

Maurice's shadow, appears as a middle aged and balding man of ill humour. World weary, and cynical, the Devil has a low opinion of everyone, and expects the worst of them. Uses his associates to cause trouble and mischief.

Mrs. Abner

Maurice's part time house keeper. Mrs. Abner lives a few doors away with her husband. She is childless, and takes a motherly interest in Maurice's life. She cleans, cooks and does laundry for him. Mrs. Abner is short and dark. Aged in her late 50's, she is still very active in looking after both Mr. Abner and Maurice.


A seemingly pleasant young man with thin blond hair, and large lips. He is one of the Devil's associates, and usually works in tandem with Pain. He acts as a tempter, encouraging Maurice to the good things of life.


Pain is a sadistic young woman. She is very attractive, but uses her beauty as a trap to draw men to her to be cruel to.


Appears as a middle aged man, red haired, but balding, and of considerable girth. He is a glutton, but encourages excess of all kinds.


Usually partnered with Feast, this associate appears as a skinny middle aged woman, who looks as though she's lived a hard life. She encourages penny pinching, short changing, and doing 'the bare minimum.'


A hefty youth, basically muscle. He is explosively violent, and likes to pick fights.

Lady Frederica Mortlake

Bright 'young' thing of the flapper set, and a part of Philomena's circle. Fun loving and warm hearted. Actually is a little older than she let's on, and is married to an Egyptologist who is currently in Egypt, and having items of interest shipped back to the house.

Hermes Trismegistus

An ancient magician who wears a Top Hat and is suspiciously eccentric. Old friend of Philomena's (very old as in centuries). Mischief maker, but not malevolent, fulfils the role of trickster god.

The Cairo Cat (aka The Cheshire Cat, aka Schrödinger's cat

Companion of Hermes, dry humour and otherwise cat like, i.e. blows hot and cold, thinks he is in charge, plays with 'mice', which is his term for the Devil's minions.
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