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Day 12: World Building
Part of the story takes place in a fictional late 1920's early 1930's Britain. Three locations are important, these being Maurice's home; the Hippodrome Theatre where Maurice first meets Philomena, and where some of the subsequent strangeness plays out; the country residence of Lady Frederica Mortlake.

Maurice's residence is in Marylebone, and is quite sizeable, having a back garden, that is largely given over to his workshop. This is where he builds and stores props for his magical show.

The Theatre is in the West End, and quite near Piccadilly Circus. It has a bar area associated with the theatre, open to both patrons and performers.

Lady Mortlake's residence is in Surrey. It is a gathering place of bright young things and Bohemians, of which Philomena appears to be a leading light.

Some of the subsequent story will take place in the Theatre of Magic, which is not a place bound by the usual dimensions. I imagine some of the action starting onstage from the Hippodrome, or at least appearing to take place on stage, with a certain 'unreal' feeling to what goes on. This can be engineered by having familiar characters taking specific roles in the events that unfold.
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