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A Fairy Tale
The one and only actual fairy tale I've ever tried to write.

Once upon a time, there lived a rich farmer. His cottage was very modest and sat in the midst of a large field. He was a very strong and handsome individual with a beautiful wife and three strong healthy children. The two oldest were boys with the strapping strength and looks of their father. The youngest was a restless young girl with black hair, fair white skin and lovely features. One day, as is fateful in fairy tales, the young girl went into the woods that were not far from her family dwelling and headed for her favorite spot. She usually went there to dream and think. This day though, the prince of the land was out in the woodland when he happened upon her. Now, the prince was very cold and heartless and the people of the land feared him immensely. The moment his eyes were upon her, he wanted her for his own. Of course the girl knew of his cruel and evil ways and was fearful, with good reason to be.

The prince attempted to woo her but since she was wary she managed to escape his presence, leaving him with only the knowledge of her name. That night, the prince rode deep into the forest to the old run down wretched dwelling owned by a black-hearted witch. He told the witch that the girl, whose name was Meghan, had fled from him and that he desired her as his woman. Now, the witch being as cruel and calculating as a witch can be, wanted something in return. The prince told her to name her spoils and she replied, “I will live in the palace until I decide what my payment is to be.” The prince readily agreed. He waited while the evil hag packed her sack and then they headed to the palace. Along the way, the prince thought only of Meghan and what he believed to be a small price to pay to own her.

Once they arrived at the royal household, the prince approached his father. The king was as pleasant as the prince was fiendish. He greeted his son with the love he still had for him.

“Hello my jewel. How was your day of travel?” King Samson heartily asked.

“Ah, father, it was rather enlightening. I went to the abode of Rancor-“

“Rancor? The evil witch? But why son?” King Samson looked at his son in disbelief.

“For the matter of my future bride, my father. She is a peasant girl by the name of Meghan. Rancor agreed to obtain her for me.” Prince Eric sat on his throne regally while his father looked fearful.

“What did she ask for in return?” King Samson solemnly asked.

“Only to live here, in the palace, for awhile.” Prince Eric left out the latter part of the bargain as he nodded to the doorman to admit Rancor.

She ambled forward. “Your Royal Eminence. I am your eternally humble servant.” She rasped as she bowed before the king. Samson frowned slightly for he felt the mocking anger in her words.

“She may stay in the tower.” King Samson clapped and his attendant rushed forward. “Please show Rancor to her chambers in the tower.” The servant bowed and led Rancor out of the main hall. “Son, a word.”

“Not now father.” Prince Eric replied as he stood and headed in Rancor’s wake. “I have some business to attend to.” After he was gone, the king shook his head slowly and shuffled to the servants quarters.

The tower was murky and the husky scent of incense filled Eric’s nostrils the moment he entered. The witch sat hunched over a book in candlelight. Eric cleared his throat and Rancor’s voice scratched out. “I know you are here. I could smell you the minute you neared the tower steps.”

Eric bit back a retort as he thought of Meghan. “How soon can I have her?” He asked anxiously.

“Impatient fool of a boy. I will keep my word in my good time.” Rancor growled.

“I am still in charge here and I want Meghan here before the next full moon.” Eric demanded shortly.

“There will be a larger price in the end, boy, if you cause me to rush.” Rancor warned, her beady eyes still focused on the thing before her.

“I can pay any price you ask, witch. Meghan will be here by the next full moon or else.” Eric seethed and turned to go. He halted when he heard Rancors’ evil chuckle.

“Boy, you may have her tonight if you so wish. Your brashness pleases me.” She looked up at him now and smiled an evil half-toothed grin.

“Tonight?” Eric asked doubtfully.

“Yes, Prince, tonight. If that is your desire.” Rancor stood now, and Eric caught himself backing away.

“So be it. That is what I desire.” Eric said a bit unsteadily.

“Consider it done. Now leave me. She will be on your doorstep at eight.” Rancor turned her back on Eric and knelt before the object she had been working with. Eric did not hesitate and all but ran down the towers’ winding staircase.

At exactly eight, the doorkeeper entered the main hall and stood before the king and his son. “There is a young maid here.”

“Meghan.” Eric stood and headed for the door. “Well let her in you fool.” Eric cried and the doorman jumped to do the bidding. The large door was thrown open and in stepped Meghan. She was wearing a lovely gown of violet and a long flowing black cape. Eric noticed that she was ten times lovelier than he had remembered. “My love of my life. I have missed you.” Eric spoke only truth and he was shocked at how he felt at that moment. His hateful black heart seemed to change and fill. Love enveloped him and the blackness was replaced with white. Meghan, being the observant soul that she was, immediately noticed the change. She hurried forward and looked upon Eric for the first time.

“My handsome prince.” She whispered.

“My lovely Meghan.” Eric took her into his arms and they embraced.

“Ah, it is a happy day in the kingdom.” The king cried out joyfully.

“It is indeed.” Crowed the witch from the doorway. All heads turned and stared at the evil crone.

“Are you here for your payment?” Eric questioned.

“I am indeed, my boy.” Rancor smiled.

“What is it?” Meghan was the one to ask.

“I want your life sweet prince.” Rancor stated.

“What? That is insane.” Eric cried.

“You said that you could pay any price.” Rancor laughed.

“No! Take me instead.” The king called out.

“You old man? No. I want youth.” Rancor replied maliciously.

“Take me then.” Meghan replied.

“No Meghan. I will go.” Eric calmly pushed Meghan behind him.

“What right has she to demand this?” Meghan questioned.

“She brought you to me.” Eric stated and noticed Rancor stiffen.

“Brought me to you? No. I came to you because my father bade me to do so. I did not realize that I would fall in love with you.” Meghan frantically explained.

“You came willingly?” The king questioned.

“Yes.” She replied.

There was a loud crack and then Rancor was gone, the hall was empty of her evil presence. There was great rejoicing throughout the palace. The prince and Meghan were married the next day and, as is always the case, they lived...
happily ever after

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