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AU fic,Buffy was turned, a new Slayer has arrived and Spike and Angelus are back
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Tell Me
She sighed and snuggled up in her chair.

“How do they know where to find me?” Morgan hugged her knees, and looked briefly up at Spike who sat on the couch across the room. He just shrugged, knowing that nothing he could say would comfort her, and he could only be there for her, listen to her. “My mum could have got hurt, worse, killed, you know? It really scares me, 'cause it’s my calling, not hers.”

“The big man upstairs chose you, luv, and he chose your mum too. He wouldn’t have chosen you if he thought that she couldn’t protect herself, it’s just how it is.” Spike told her.

Morgan nodded half-heartedly and suddenly perked up. “I need to call Giles.” The Slayer left the room, leaving Spike alone to think about her.

Think about her home and her mother who he could hear struggling to get to sleep, wondering if she had any siblings, what was her favourite colour. He realised he didn’t know much about her at all. Did it matter if he didn’t know what flavour ice cream she liked best, or her second choice if they didn’t have her first one?

It brought him to think about all the beautiful things she’d done that he had missed, he had missed seventeen years of her life, and it seemed a lot. He was over a hundred and fifty and she’d missed all of that, yet it didn’t seem the same.

Would she get jealous if she knew about the bond that he shared with Angelus and Dru? So many things they needed to talk about, to get to know each other, even though they were so deeply in love. At least he thought they were…he knew how he felt…he couldn’t explain it, but he couldn’t escape from it either. Always, he wanted to touch her, even in the slightest way to get to feel her against him. Total submission to her, anything that she wanted or needed, he would do his best to get it for her. He wanted to make her happy.

“There was no answer…think we should go over? I’m getting worried, usually they would have called by now.” Her expression drawn full of anguish and anxiety and her fingernail was in her mouth. She was a nail-biter, something else he didn’t know.

“No harm in checking it out.” Spike stood up, went to Morgan and held onto her shoulders. “You stay here though, darlin’. Keep the house good and safe.” He brushed a curl of hair from her eyes.


“No buts. You need to rest, luv. I don’t.” He kissed her on the forehead. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He moved to leave, but she stopped him and caught his lips in a strong kiss.

“Make sure you are.”


Spike had ran to the school, but as soon as he entered it, he could sense that it was wrong. It all felt wrong.

“Bugger.” he whispered, urging his body to move even faster. And he was right. It was horribly quiet and he did not like the atmosphere. “Mr Giles?” Spike called, walking into the small office and seeing no-one there. He checked behind all the stalls and gave up. The vampire sat in one of the chairs around the large table and put his head in his hands. Spike sniffed subconsciously. “Hmm?” He sat up, his head moving from side to side as he tried to pick up this scent. The vampire got up, looked around. His nose brought him to the weapons cupboard and his worst fears were then sculpted firmly into his mind.

The smell made him hungry, but Spike tried to fight it. He quickly opened the cupboard and closed his eyes. It was empty of all but blood. Paper was stuck to the backboard and upon it was written the words ‘Love is blind, just like you. Wake up Spike’. Written in blood like a true animal who thought they were fulfilling artistic dreams, it could mean only one person.

“Ohh, Peaches, you have no idea what you’ve just released.”

Spike murmured softly, turning around and returning to Morgan.


She hadn’t paused. She hadn’t stopped to take a breath. She hadn’t taken time to focus or construct a plan. What Spike had told her didn't give her the time to.

Morgan had ran upstairs, retrieved a light, silver sword from her room, shouted to her mum and prepared to leave.

“Spike,” The slayer said, tears welling up in her eyes and the sensation spreading throughout her head. Gritting her teeth, she continued. “Tell. Me. Where. The. Bastard. Is.” Her eyes never moved from his

The vampire looked to the ground. He thought she needed to calm down, needed to think about this for a while. It was Angelus and Buffy she was talking about taking on, she needed more time and a plan of some sort.

“Spike! That’s my best friends and my Watcher with them! Did you expect me to just wait? I love them and my mum more than anything!”

“Am I not included in that little list?” he said pettily, playing with his fingers. Morgan sighed heavily and put her hand to his cheek.

“Of course you are.” The tears returned. “I need you more than anyone, Spike.” Morgan closed her eyes as some tears ran down her face. “But I can’t lose them. I can’t.” Her voice was up and down. She sniffed. “Please, Spike. A slayer without a Watcher or friends is…”

“Like a slayer without a Watcher and friends…Come on then, probably don’t ‘ave much time.”

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