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My 50th Birthday Party and Christmas
My Birthday is December 21. The first day of winter. Four days before Christmas. I get double gifts. I just turned 50. My family came over to my house for my Birthday/Christmas Party. My husband bought me home a Birthday Cake early in the afternoon. Eeyore was all over the cake and he was bigger then life! I love Eeyore. I have stuffed Eeyores, Eeyore PJ's and slippers, watches and a lot of Eeyore items. The cake was chocolate with fudge filling and a delicious cake it was!

My parents, husband's parents, son Jason and his wife Erin and Erin's parents were here for my special day. We had a good meal of roast beef, scalloped potatoes, chicken salad, baked beans, Rice and broccoli casserole, noodles with carrots and onions and deviled eggs plus a cheesesball and crackers. After the meal, everyone decided that they wanted to open gifts. I have my tree and decorations in the new room so we had more room this year.

Imagine my surprise when my husband and son went into the garage and bought in a Lane, oak Hope Chest that looked like dresser drawers and a cushion seat{it opens up} that I can sit on. Wow! I always wanted a window seat and this is close enough. I always wanted a Hope Chest but I never got one. Mom reminded me that I never asked for one which is true. Now, we have a place to store blankets. A really nice gift. The cat isn't pleased but she has her blanket on the bed and the Hope Chest is at the end of the bed.

For other presents, I got: Elizabeth, a blonde vinyl doll from Colonial times from the American Girl Series. I also got a new green polka dotted dress and a velvet cloak to match for the doll. These were from my husband. I collect dolls.

My son Jason and his wife bought me a Nascar Kasey Kayne stuffed bear, Pooh and Eeyore mugs, a amethyst bracelet, pewter lighthouse decoration, ceramic shoes and tatutu decorations and a certificate for my favorite scrapbook store.

My parents bought me a diamond like accent bracelet, crystal heart bracelet with the heart that hangs down, Snowbabies Scrapbook Statue with two snowbabies sitting at the desk and a snowbabies with dresser drawers with her cat and kittens.

My sister bought me a Victorian porcelain red headed doll lamp, porcelain teapots that you hang on the wallplus there are other gifts that I haven't opened, yet that she bought me. She lives in Florida and couldn't be here for my Birthday.

I got my mother a fastenator for her scrapbook projects, Scarlet O'Hara ornaments and an amethyst watch ring. I got my father dress pants and an Air Force pocket watch. I got shirts and sweaters for my in-laws and Erin's parents plus gift certificates. I got my husband a tractor/ combine toy{he collects tractors}, a new blue housecoat and flannel shirt. I gave my son and his wife money and a wolf blanket, huge ceramic dragon, cologne and gift certificates. I also got gift certificates from my in-laws.

We finished off the night with the Eeyore cake and ice cream. I feel that my 50th Birthday Party was a success.

At work on the midnight shift, the staff presented me with a cake and sang Happy Birthday. I shed a few tears over that. I got a red hair Victorian Doll, Victorian purse salt and pepper shakers, a replicia of Ryan Newman's car, hazelnut and Bath and Body candles and a CD of women's hits about women.

I want to thank everyone at writing for the Birthday Greetings, Sigs, Merit Badges and c-cards. I have a lot of friends here and I love you all.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let's pray for world peace and the best of everything in life!

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