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Try to look inside!! you will definately find yourself!! Stop pondering around.
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Search Within
What is the definition of Spirituality in its true sense?

The name as suggests, there is no predefined height to reach at, in spirituality there are no such word as Spiritual master, the secret lies in so called “satisfaction”, satisfaction of reaching the spiritual heights. The power to reach to a height is lying within us; it depends on the individual’s definition in true sense to find peace. There are no heights to Spirituality, as it is a path which is driven by following certain self defined principles. These self-defined principles should not be so rigid for the new horizon which will open your mind through spiritual findings from the inner self.

Every person once in their life time passes through a phase of negativity for e.g.: Dejection, loss, rejection, failure etc. This is the exact time when that person is looking for peace, he tries to get it from anywhere at all for e.g.: Relationships, Drugs, Overeating, excessive sleeping, while doing so he/she might feel that they are achieving the balance and is back but in reality they have not yet achieved “PEACE” but what just happened was that he has diverted his mind to something different. Diversion surely seems to be one way to get out or stop thinking of a problem, but once again when we pass through a phase of negativity, we will need someone. This need of having someone or something actually handicaps us and thus makes us dependent on someone or something’s that we cannot live with out, In short the importance of that third person increases so much so that if NOW we don’t have that person than also we feel the power of negativity gripping us.

So what should one do to get a peace?
Instead of searching in outside world, peace is stored within us. It is like a dark room which needs to be enlightened with switch of our own thoughts. By doing this we are no more dependent and also we are not in NEED for something. We might be in a relationship but only performing our duty and spreading warm love. We might work as a bulwark not only for ourselves but for our loved ones as well.

How to find that dark room within us? Which switch are you talking about?
Dark room, which needs to be enlightened as it has lost its brightness because negativity has piled over it again and again.

It is the Switch of consciousness, in more general terms try to calm down, understand the circumstances which took place irrespective of your presence or absence, stop blaming yourself. Stop asking too much from yourself. You are human like any other, no special creation. There is no such thing as good thing and bad thing; it is our perception that makes it good or bad thing. It is quite obvious that if it might be a good thing for us, it might be bad for others and vice versa. We cannot see the bigger picture, turn the pages of your life a little backward and think of the fears that haunted you in past but never surfaced. These fears not only ensured that you should not be leaving in peace in past (then present), but also made sure that they can haunt you anytime even in future. Take the command by yourself. Learn to say no to things that you cannot do. Learn to accept things around you as they are. Stop demanding and you see that the Peace is with you, without you being ruled by any emotion. Now you are the ruler of your emotion other then your emotions ruling you.

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