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Heading out
April 9, 2007

We are heading out to C's award's banquet for basketball.  The season ended Saturday. Today, from school, she brought home her softball schedule. I don't have J's yet but it looks like April won't be too bad, May is going to be one very busy month.

The attitude I'm getting is not going to find her playing though if she doens't watch it. She's being a bit of  a snot and is going to end up grounded.  Lock, stock, and barrel.  I have no more patience.

It doens't help that as a mother of two I'm taking 5 children with me because of babysitting.  Here I try to get 5 kids fed and out the door in a short period of time by myself. And today they aren't getting along...UGGG

Easter was ok. Actually I was rather in a mood but that's my own fault for focusing on the external world instead of the internal.

Yesterday's sermon was entitled was about God calling our names...that He calls them all but do we hear Him?  I have heard Him before...I struggle sometimes to know what direction to take..but I have heard Him.

Something in my life needs to change. My attitude sucks right now and I lose my temper easily. Part of it is that I need some time to focus on my needs and desires...some of it is being selfish and lazy.

Ok, gonna go...my mood is not one that is condusive to blogging..at least anything more than drivel that no one will want to read.

I pray your Easter was blessed and that you feel the joy of the resurrection in your heart.

blessings and peace

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