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A busy weekend
April 15, 2007

This weekend has been semil busy, semi lazy.  My beloved has been online alot of the time we've been home.

Next weekend promises to be busier yet because a friend from out of town should be coming in..and I"m so excited...can't wait..haven't seen here in more than 10 years. Our kids have never met..she's never met C...let alone J.  I've met 2 of hers...the older two. The last time we were together, her almost 13 year old was in the oven and her 9 year old baby wasn't born. We can't wait!

Robyn and I wen't to grade school together for a couple of years..then her family moved to Cincinnati...we stayed in touch on and off over the years. We were two peas in a pod..in many respects back then...and in some respects we stll probably are..but life has changed us both, given us both different lessons and taken us on different paths. I am the straightlaced, rule following, black and white, control freak side and she is the nonconforming, rule breaking, all shade of gray, control freak side...oh wait...see we still have something in common (Robyn, if you are reading this I LOVE YOU)

I need this..She and I need each other. I have such high hopes for our time together and I hope her new husband likes me.

Well, not much else going on here today..I'll share my thoughts on today's sermon tomorrow probably.

I have a cold. Wacky weather-I'm far from the only one around with one.

Have been working on a different version of
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The new version is not in my portfolio at this time...I've sent it to a friend and am continuing working on it.  So far I like the new version better...because it gives info a little better and lets you inside her head a little more. Still I have things I like about the version I have on here too...if you are willing to take a look at teh new version and the old version and let me know...email me with an email addy I can send an attachment to...I don't want to put the new one in my port...not yet..I"d like to get some opinions though on the format...

well, I'm headed out and about after the kids are in bed...talk to you soon...

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