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A compendium of my thoughts. Probably disturbing to most people.
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Women, in my experience, are far easier to understand than people seem to think.  However, having said that, I'll note that when it comes to the societal manoeuvres of sex and dating, women can be absolutely vexing to the judging thinker.  Here we have a species the females of which do not show any outward signal of their ovulation, coupled with a societal restriction on the intensity at which they may show their attraction, arousal, and willingness. 
    Before I move on, I'd like to note that all arguments aside, for the purposes of this article i have concluded that sexuality in men is a simple matter.  that it is more complex than it seems at first glance is irrelevant to this article.  what is useful about it is best summed up by a quote by a woman: "I like living in a world where I can have a dozen suitors lined up for me any time i want".  That vast majority of women could garner themselves a one-night stand with minimal effort.
    Should a man have no desire to avoid seeming callous, he may feel free to lie, cross lines, and otherwise step on toes until his desires are met.  for those attempting to remain gentlemen (a dying breed, and a topic which I won't pursue as it would consume this article), the act of roping a date is far more difficult.  the nature of being a gentleman require that one know where all the lines are and never, ever cross them.  This still allows for nights of dionysian excess, save one caveat, or several depending on how you look at it.  Specifiacally the limitations of women previously described in the first paragraph.  A man cannot avoid lines if he has no points of reference from which he may infer these lines.  it is a matter of true character whether, when faced with this, the man shots high or low.  Leaving the "true nature" of a gentleman for another topic, the man is faced with the following conundrum:  To shoot low and seem completely uninterested, or shoot high and run the risk of being an asshole accidently, counteracted by the chance of managing to play his cards with great luck and succeeding in his earthly conquest. 
    It is a simple play it safe/take a risk scenario.  Should the reader be male, he may ask himself why the risk is so risky.  this reader is one who is not a gentleman.  he may be a gentleman in many facets of his life, but he does not respect his female partners.  should the reader be male, he may ask why anyone would choose the risk.  This reader is too cautious:  there are many small, surreptitious actions a gentleman can perform to test the waters, though he would be wise to consult the aforementioned asshole to learn what they are.  If the reader be female, here note:  it is in all men's nature to lust, as it is in women's.  nearly all men look upon women as potential mates, and though many can supress this somewhat, few, if any, men can fully purge the thought from their head.  the gentlemen of the world, few they may be, go far out of their way to make the world a better place, and will often unintentionally present themselves as uninterested in an attempt of respect.  This should never be interpreted as uninterest unless deliberatley and directly identified as sutch. 
    as to the less formal men of the world, disdain for this respect is common.  From the movie "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", in reference to a character's respect towards women, comes this quote:  "You're putting the pussy on a pedestal, man".  The phrase itself will not be discussed here.  It simply serves to note the commonality of gentlemen taking their respect to an extreme is sutch that there are phrases in the vernacular to describe it.  This writer would only hope that all parties might improve themselves by this article, as this writer finds himself firmly in one of the categories discussed, and nothing but good could come of it, he would hope.

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