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Sick Kids-haven't we been here before
May 14, 2007

UGGG.Not for the week of stomach!

Yesterday was ok..not great but ok-I woke up in a very low mood-didn't go to church, didn't feel like I could handle it. Ended up going to my sister's house and that helped a lot. We don't see eye to eye on a lot of things and are VERY different people...but she loves me and is there for me..and I for her.

We had a good time, good visit, good food. Got ready to leave about 9 and Jamie wsa complaining of his stomach hurting. About 15 min on the road and he said, I think I'm gonna throw up....nothing in the van for him to use...but then nothing happened...about 1/4 of a mile from teh rest area he managed to hit himself, the carseat, the van seat, the van floor, the seat belt and everything on the floor underneath his seat...now, I had taken an extra outfit with me but he'd had an accident so ...lol..we went into the rest area and cleaned off and put on the old shorts (which luckily had just been hit with a spot or 2 of pee earlier-a new shirt a jacket and no shoes. When I got outside Mike was trying to get the cover off the booster seat so we could bag it up and maybe the stink wouldn't be tooooo bad...uggg...it took FOREVER. This is a high back booster seat with a 5 point harness...it takes a screw driver to get it off...we dind't have one...luckily we had pliers...but it was very slow going for my beloved. I cleaned up the van floor and the seat of hte van best I could...got Jamie rearranged in another booster seat (from one of hte babysitting kids-good thing I didn't take it out of the van before we left the house huh?) and finally got back on the road about 45 minutes later.  We made it about 5 minutes from home and he puked again..this time on my sweatshirt-laying in his lap for htat reason.  Got home and cleaned him and the van up as best as I could and sprayed Febreeze all over the van-got Jamie in bed, Cassy showered and in bed and started washing the mess.

My beloved stayed home today....took a personal day..Wish I had someone to call in to...lol....Was going to let Cassy stay home since it was midnight when she went to bed only at 6:30 this morning she wok up running a fever of 102.6. NOOOOOOOOOO! She's been having major asthma issues for the last several days, has been complaining of her throat hurting and her head hurting (this I assumed from coughing so much (she coughs instead of wheezes with her asthma) I was going to call the dr  this morning about that anyway.  My beloved took her to the dr for me...

Ok, what mainly childhood illness have I given many symptoms for, but have not named? What contagious illness, one brought home by MANY schoolchildren every year did the dr. diagnose her with? 1000 gp's to the one who guesses it first...lol...just cause I have to have SOME fun today...lol

Special Kay guessed it with Strep!  Woohoo...wtg Kay!

Anyway, my beloved and my eldest child are on the way home, armed with an antibiotic and who knows what else..lol...my youngest child..he seems right as rain...HE is going to school tomorrow-unless of course he spikes a temp or something...God help me....

Anyway..that's all I have...lol..it's enough...she has to miss practice, I've called her coach. He said, and I quote "man, we seem to be getting hit with EVERYTHING this season" They've had several girls miss due to illness- a couple of gi bugs and such...poor guy...told her to feel better quickly-not sure if he's worried about Wed game or the fact that she might've been contagious Friday night at the game...lol...

Pray she gets better quickly....that the antibiotic kicks in VERY fast and that she is fever free to go back to school on Wed as the dr says....she has a game Wed night..and y'all will be able to hear her from WHEREVER you are if she has to miss.Then again...pray for me if she's not better...lol..my nerves will be shot by then.

Wed I'm supposed to take Jamie for blood draws...it's been 30 days since he had the boosters of the 2 low titers from his immune deficiency testing...now we will see if we have answers or not.

Gonna go...I'll check back to see if anyone has guessed it and to let ya know what she has....lol


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