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Same song different verse
A little bit louder and a whole lot worse-LOL

June 1, 2007

Mike's sick...been home for 2 days..we spent yesterday playing on the computer and babysitting...then both went to immediate care..we both have sinus infections...kids both already had dr's appts for today...Jamie has ANOTHER sinus infection (not that I'm surprised just tired of it...) Cassy's asthma is STILL out of control-they are upping her asthma meds..her allergies are NOT in control (thanks so much medicaid for changing her from the med that DID work and making her go on one that DOES NOT-I'm mom..but I know NOTHING!!!-infuse sarcasm here).  SO Mike and I feel cruddy-Jamie is typical for him and Cassy just keeps plugging along...

I have NO test results ( I will next week or heads are going to roll) I called the allergist office again-she (the office manager) was supposed to have him call me yesterday-it's only my son's health..problem is they can't FIND one of the results-the one we need of course-so I don't know YET whether we are dealing with an immune defficiency or not...as I said...I will know SOMETHING next week or I'm going start getting really nasty( have tried nice, have tried worried mom with a little tension, have tried a little bit of nasty-so far they aren't paying attention) Someone will pay attention soon.

Cassy's last game before tournament is tonight. Jamie's last game was Tuesday night and he did well. Cassy had a game last night..and although they lost by one-she played well-hit a double, caught a fly ball-seemed to have a lot of fun-hopefully tonight's game will go well also.

Tomorrow most of the day is laid back and resting-we have a cook out at Jamie's coach's house in the evening. I've got to do some cleaning sometime...lol..but we shall see.

Next week LOOKS calm...hahaha (Cassy will have a practice or 2 I'm sure...but no games until the following Sat when tournament starts-it's double elimination and depending on how they play we could play on and off all week.  Not sure what's going on after that..one day at a time.

Welll...time to run ..have to load the kids and head out-2 stops to make before she has to be at the ball field.

hugs to you all-thanks to those who have stopped in



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