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by Kenzie
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Fibro fog, pain, writing sandwiched in between. Quotes. Sermon notes. Encouragement.
#524840 added July 31, 2007 at 2:18pm
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Stuff 'n Such - Including Best Bathroom?
Jungle Jim's is a great grocery store here in the Cincinnati area. Jungle Jim's potties are in the running for America's Best Public Restrooms. There are 5 finalists, and voting ends today. You can still vote! Check out the story here, and don't forget to click on the movie camera that leads to a film all about Jungle Jim's and their weird restroom. http://www.fox19.com/Global/story.asp?s=6801667

Did you know that last year the House of Representatives was in session about 79 days, but they got paid for an entire year. Something wrong with that picture, isn't there? Didn't these guys used to have other jobs to go home to when they weren't in session?

Some of the guys from the House and the Senate will be holding town hall meetings in their "off time." Check here to see if your dudes (and dudettes) are doing that, and think about going to voice your opinions on what's important. http://www.house.gov http://www.senate.gov Find the local offices and call about where and when they're meeting.

The other night when hubby and I were talking, for some reason something I wrote in the 6th grade came up in the conversation. Back then, we were assigned a paper on cancer. I got a C on my paper, which was quite unusual for me. My teacher told me that my construction deserved an A+, but that she didn't agree with my "findings" or "opinions." Know what I said? I wrote that I thought the only "cure" for cancer would be when God chose to cure one of His kids...because the doctors, hospitals and drug companies would be too busy making money on treatments to worry about cures.

Perhaps those words and opinions would not surprise us from one of today's 6th graders. They've seen the medical machine at work. But the year I was in 6th grade was the same year that JFK was shot. That's a long time ago, and back then most folks still held the entire medical profession in high regard. There were probably still a few doctors who did house calls. Ours did up until he got sick when I was about 10 or 11, I think.

That's why I got a C and why my teacher disagreed with my opinion of the medical profession. Thinking back now, I realize that I could not have written that paper all by my lonesome. I doubt that the resources I used - mostly encyclopedias and some library books - would have voiced the opinion that I embraced. Thinking back now, it almost appears like a....well, a prophecy? I came across that paper again when I was about 25. The teacher was right; the writing was rather good for a 6th grader...if I do say so myself. *Laugh* But the opinion was far from the norm.

Sure wish I still had that paper. But, alas, it must have been dumped from the attic at my parents' home when they retired and sold their home. I remember my mother asking if there was anything I needed from the attic. She did send me a box of my old report cards, but my writings - and there were LOTS since I started writing so early in life - were tossed out. All I have now is the memory of some of them. Like that 6th grade paper.

Wonder why that came to mind last night. Perhaps it was because I've been following along on the journey of our good buddy Budroe and our ex-member Raven. Perhaps it was because I had heard from my cousin, whose mother died years ago from cancer. Or because I have not heard from another cousin much recently whose father died from leukemia. Yesterday, Marvin Zindler passed away from cancer of the pancreas. (See my entry yesterday for more information about him. Or here's KTRK Channel 13 in Houston's page with lots of info. http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/front)

What's even stranger is that right after this discussion with hubby, a friend sent me a link to an article written in 2006 by someone who voiced some of those same things I did way back in 1963. I was going to put that here, but now I've lost it. The link to the 2006 article. *Laugh* Grrr.

Speaking of videos you can watch. Check this out. Here's a place where you can watch videos of your favorite Christian pastors and speakers: http://www.lightsource.com

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/books/entry_id/524840-Stuff-n-Such---Including-Best-Bathroom