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A unique handbook of the greatest hobby in existence: Frame bombs, the one-material craft.
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The Basic Forms and the Original Frame Bomb

Before you can make the large, graceful, and generally awe inspiring frame bombs that will make you a master frame bomb builder in the eyes of the small fry frame bombers around you, you must have a strong grasp of the basic forms. Your first step was to pick up this book. Mastery of the basic frame bombs will be your second step on your quest to the furthest summit of scatter framing.

This is the Original frame bomb. It will be easier to build the unit if you do not have it laying on a surface, but the instructions are written as if the units are on the ground to give you an idea what the form is like.

1. Lay a stick vertically
2. Lay a stick at a 45-degree angle to the right on top of step one’s stick.
3. Lay a stick in an opposite angle to the left on top of the right stick.
4. Weave a stick over the left angle, under the vertical stick, and over the angle to the right. This stick should be about halfway down the vertical.
5. Do the opposite of step four by weaving under the left, over the middle, and under the right.
6. If you need help, look at the tips on pages 22-24.
> Frame bomb! Shuffleboard – Using some sort of flinging device, (or your hand), throw some object that won’t damage your environment at a group of frame bombs. Decide on a point value for each unit. Each time your disc hits a frame bomb and causes it to explode, the thrower gets those points. You can also play this in teams, sort of like lacrosse. Each player has a flinger, and hurls the disc to his teammates or at the frame bomb targets.

Note: The pictoral instructions can be found at http://framebomb.com/pages/gallery_pages/instructions.html
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