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My baby ain't a baby no more!!!
Dec 13, 2007

Today Jamie turns five.  To him it's a magical number...though I'm not sure why...I guess because it marks the march away from being a "little kid" and enters the relm of being a "big kid" of course that truly depends on who you talk to.

According to him, the best thing, so far about being 5, is he now gets to write on the chalk board.  Let me explain.  I have a small chalkboard that hangs on the wall in the kitchen...a little chalkboard that I bought from a friend who sells At Home America products.  A chalkboard that cost a small fortune-at least when you have no money...:)

Anyway...about six weeks ago I finally got it hung up in the kitchen of the apartment and wrote a message on it..."God loves you and so do I"  Jamie has hounded me since the day I wrote on it to be allowed to write on it too.  I have since told him no, that I would let him write on it on his birthday-I wanted it to be something special because he's not exactly real gentle and it's not something that can happen every dya.  Well, when he got home today I asked him if he remembered what I said he could do on his birthday..and he remembered-so he's been sitting at the table drawing on the chalkboard since.  He's now finished, drawn a face with marker on his balloon -given to him at church last night-and is goinog to watch tv...if he doesn't knock the tree over trying to bat the balloon around...lol

While he was at school I wrapped his presents (thanks to the sweet angel who aided in the gifting of presents-you know who you are and know that we appreciate it more than you know.  He was sent a hot wheels racing track-2 tracks, 8 cars-and then we got him a hotwheels suitcase -the kind for his cars-at Goodwill but still in perfect shape-instead of $20 I spent $3.  I also made his cake-Mike will decorate it when he gets home...A white cake with chocolate icing...mike will be making a race track out of white icing and placing some more hotwheels-old ones of Mikes that have been cleaned and sanitized-on Jamie's cake (5 of them). We have Jamie's favorite ice cream-vanilla-to go with it.  We will do all this-AFTER Cassy's final season basketball game at 6:15-we have tournament next week but then we are done for a bit.

Jamie was born in 2002-at about 3:45 am...on Friday the 13th no less.  2002 was a rough year for me-I lost both of my parents and I have a friend who after I got pregant with Jamie, said that Mom got to heaven and started asking God why I hadn't had another baby  yet and wasn't it time (there is 6.5 years between my kids)  My pregnancy was ok, but I struggled with grief, depression, and fear of losing my baby-not because I'd ever had a miscarriage or was having issues but because I just was scared I wouldn't survive losing someone else and was afraid to hope all would be well.  Jamie gave the OB a run for his money-by 28 weeks they were monitering my blood pressure-which kept going up-very closely and started watching Jamie very closely...so I ended up in the OB's office 2-3 times a week to be placed on a moniter-even back then he didn't hold still and 9 times out of ten they couldn't get a good read on the moniter and would do an ultrasound....lol..everything would be fine and we'd do it again in a few days.

Both of my kids have been my saving grace in losing both my parents so closely together...but there is something to say for having such a little one to hold onto and have no choice but to get out of bed for.  That first year, I'm not sure I would have  iif it weren't for him.  Jamie could..and still can, bring a smile to my heart when nothing else can...he can also break my eardrums faster than one could imagine...lol

Anyway, ornery as he is, as much medical crap as we've battled, and as many times a day I could beat him with wet noodles-he's a bright kid, with a brighter smile.

Happy Birthday Buddy...and thanks God for the gift you gave me 5 years ago.

hugs....thanks for listening.

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