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Classes are over for the semester
May 14, 2008

I sit, waiting for my grades.  Well, that's not entirely accurate.  I know all but one of them and know what it SHOULD be.  Mostly I'm waiting on my English Professor's comments on my portfolio-I know I got a 99/100 on it, but I'm awaiting anxiously her respoonse to some of the writing I placed in my portfolio that she had never seen.  I finished the semester (barring the class I don't have a grade in yet) with 3 A's and 1 B.  The class I'm waiting on should also be an A.  The B was in Algebra-I had an 89%, 90% was an A...did not make me happy..I busted my tail all semester-and it's been a rough one.  I have cried more tears, questioned my calling, and turned away more than one person because of my attitude and stress level.  If you are one of those I apologize completely and wholeheartedly.

I managed to round up enough gp's (thanks to all and sundry who shared with me) for another month's upgrade.  I'm hoping I can manage to earn enough gp's... a month at a time for now.  I just don't have the funds otherwise.

Ball season is in full swing (no pun intended).  Cassy has had practices only (though none in more than a week-long story and mom's not happy with the coach right now because of it).  Jamie's had 2 rain outs, is supposed to make up one tonight-and it may get rained out again.  He's having fun playing--sort of.  Cassy's spring musical is Thursday night (the same night as her first game, unless it's rained out and I kind of hope it is-because we are doing the musical) Next Tuesday is the Talent show-she's one of 20 who are in it-she's going from the Talent show to her ball game-and hopefully back before it's over...lol..Jamie has a game that night too.  Jamie's preschool graduation is Thursday night next week -they both have games that night too....lol.  It's been nuts.  He's done after that, she's out the 28th, band camp (daily band lessons for 6ht graders) starts June 9th, Jamie gets screened for all day kindergarten June 5th (cross your fingers this would really be good for him I think) and his ball season is over the end of May.  Cassy's goes until the end of June-with tourney the week of the 23rd.  She goes to camp in for 10 days-it's music camp-she went last year and loved it.

I'm taking off the summer...though I may end up having to find a job.  I don't mind working and we need the money, it's more of an issue of childcare and the cost of it.  Still, we'll figure it all out as we go I guess.

I entered 2 poems in a contest through Writer's Digest.  Cross your fingers and say some prayers for me...it would be so awesome to place somewhere in teh top 100-though of course I'd love to win :)

We started going to a new church locally last week.  We will try it out for a bit before making a decision but everyone was very nice, we felt welcomed, enjoyed the service and our time there.  We will see what occurs.

Well, I'm just rattling. Little wound up, don't quite know what to do with myself (I should be cleaning).  I will back later to check in.

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