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Joanna paced up and down the length of her office. From her window she could see the lights of the nighttime skyline of the city. The pressure was on to come up with a sizzling campaign for the cosmetic companies new perfume. The fragrance was supposed to appeal to the mature woman....something Samantha from Sex and the City might want to wear. She dabbed the fragrance again along her wrists, her neck, her cleavage....something familiar, nostalgic......green, a little leather, full of hope....

The ad---a simple smacker---a football alone sitting in the grass

BALL! Splash this on before you head out for a night at the Bad Girl's Bar & Grill.
When he leans in close he will remember being young and in love, rolling around the football field, a grass-stained prom dress, and you, wearing a corsage on your wrist.

Well, thought Joanna, it was all she had....maybe Adrienne Barbeau might be interested in being the spokesperson....


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