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Sabresse ran down the tunnels, her laughter echoing off of the old stone walls. Silar Roloran, her personal bodyguard, follows at a regular pace. Silar had been given charge of the young princess from the day she was born. The Swordsworn were an elite guard that served only the reigning royalty, as such, each member was given the responsibility of a royal family member.

Silar was the youngest inducted member, so he was given the youngest family member. He resented such an assignment at first since he had placed the highest in the Tests, even higher than the veteran Swordsworn currently serving the royal family. As he settled into his position, he realized he was thankful. The young princess was easy to deal with at first. While she was still suckling it gave him time to shadow other Swords, and see how they cared for their charges. What he learned is that while all family members were shown the escape routes out of the city once a year, they did not have it memorized. In his mind, Silar was certain that if an emergency came about, the royal family would be in danger if they could not find their way through the labrynthine tunnels that would lead them to safety. As soon as the princess was able to walk, Silar made sure that she spent time in the tunnels. During the day, during the night, and blindfolded. She knew every turn, every nook. He had made a game of it for her, for the both of them. Everyday, her governess released her to him for an hour or two and he would take her down to the tunnels. She loved to play down here, it was a place all her own since her sisters and brothers had no time to entertain a young girl.

Tonight, he would petition the king to teach her to ride astride and bareback. She had a steady sidesaddle seat, but in an emergency, she needed to know more. At eleven years old, Princess Sabresse was limber, and Silar was intent on making sure the young princess could ride like the devil if he needed her to. Watching her golden curls disappear behind a corner, Silar grinned.
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