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Donating Reviews to Charity - by Lotusneko
Konnichiwa, reviewers! This month's subject is donating reviews to charity, and the strange affliction that plagues some donators. I also have a Tip of the Month to make reviews more helpful.

Writing dot com has many groups that raise gift points to help members in need of an
upgrade, cheering up, or other things. On these group forums, donations are requested of
WDC members, donations to be auctioned. Among WDC members, reviews are preferred items to donate. Other activities in which reviews are expected or promised, rather than donated, are review forums, review contests, and similar activities where a limited number of
entrants "sign up" pieces from their ports to be reviewed, usually donating an entry fee of GP's. Other people sign up to be reviewers of those items. There was one such activity that I signed up for, into which the creators put a lot of work, however, not enough reviewers participated, so they cancelled the activity. Imagine the disappointment all around.

Reviews are non-tangible items that do not require any collateral, except one's word.
Perhaps this is one reason why some WDC members are more willing to promise reviews than to deliver. Similar circumstances exist in life: Buy now, pay later plans; signing up in
the winter to volunteer for summer Vacation Bible School; offering to help someone move
when he finds an apartment. When it is time to pay the piper, the once-positive attitude
of the promiser alters to a) lethargy ("I'll get around to it.) b) denial - ("I do not recall making such a commitment.") or c) panic - ("Oh my god! Is it that time already?!? I can't handle this!! {dives under covers} }.

While I myself am not immune to this affliction, as I usually opt for a) lethargy, I remember that real people, eager writers, are checking their mailbox for these promised reviews. When they do not appear, they may be less inclined to buy raffle tickets or to enter their work in review forums. This causes one of the most terrible things; it causes people to lose faith in each other, and the community as a whole is negatively affected. I get my butt in gear, and find doing the reviews are just as enjoyable as if I were reviewing on "my time" and "my terms." In a recent instance, I was over a month late on reviews owed. I apologized, and in addition to the five reviews she won, I also said I would do an extra five reviews for free.

I am owed reviews that never materialized. One of my friends even paid for a partial port raid. The person told me they were having computer problems, and would get around to
it shortly. That was a long time ago, and I never got an update from her.

Unlike credit card companies, reviewers who are stiffed have no recourse on Writing.com.
If you decide not to give your reviews, they are stuck. This year, WDC is once again in
Writer's Digest list of 100 Best Writing Websites. We were first featured on the list in 2002, then not again until 2005, after which we have been in there consistently. Let's keep it that way. Do you think if people are stiffed on reviews, they will feel satisfied with the site? If you feel coerced when delivering promised reviews - if you have one of a million and one excuses - you still made a promise.

Don't just hope people will forget, or not mind. Would you?

One way to get around this is not to think of owing reviews as being "beholden" or "obligated." Think of it as a privilege to be able to help out a fellow writer, and to enjoy some stories that you would never otherwise be able to read.


This author "desperately" needs reviews for this expose piece. Please help him out.
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(Last month's question was: How do you review poetry?)

I did not receive any replies to this question. This month's question is: Are any of you owed reviews that you still have not received? How do you handle that? Feedback on this topic and any others is always welcome.))


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