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Rewarding Reviewers - by Lotusneko
Konnichiwa! This week's subject is rewarding reviewers. We will look at the different ways to reward reviews. I also have my Tip of the Month for making reviews more

It lifts our spirits when we have a "Comment Received For . . . " in our mailbox. So, it is important to do two things: 1) acknowledge the review and 2) reward the reviewer with a modest token. The reward is a way to express appreciation and to encourage the reviewer to keep up the good work. They may even return to your port.

Personalizing each thank you adds a special touch. While "Thank you for the review," is technically an acknowledgement, it is generic and does not require much effort to type out. Unless you are in a really big hurry, and won't have time to respond personally later, it is best to show you read the review. Just like we don't like to receive generic reviews, we shouldn't just rubber-stamp each reply. Was the review full of flowers and smileys? Was it long and detailed? Did it gush with praise? In each case, respond with an appropriate adjective or two: "Thank you for the cheerful, enthusiastic/thorough/positive, encouraging review." Be sincere as well. If the review really made your day or made you smile, say so. But don't say that just to have something to fill the blank.

Now to the reward. There are different ways to reward a reviewer. One is with gift points. These are good, but a little like giving a gift certificate. I myself like receiving gift certificates, and I am definitely not averse to receiving GP's for my reviews. However, it does not require that much effort or sacrifice to send a hundred or so GP's. Again, this is ok if you are truly in a hurry and cannot reciprocate in a few days. It is always the best, and most appreciated, to reciprocate in kind with a review of your own.

Some other possible rewards are a raffle ticket, a C-Note, a merit badge, awardicon, or
personalized signature. The last few may seem extravagant, but imagine if you were on
the receiving end: wouldn't it be heartening? Anyway, mix up your rewards. If you always send GP's, try other alternatives.

Time is important here. It is important to do it right away, or at least the same day of receiving the review. Otherwise, you run the risk of forgetting. So chuck the "I'll do it later" mentality. The most important thing is to never ignore a review. And if you do not respond promptly, you may forget and end up doing just that.


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From J. A. Buxton :

((How do you respond to a response that is upsetting?))

It depends on whether the reviewer is trying to be helpful or just plain nasty. The latter type I simply ignore. With the former, I save their comments for when I decide to go back and edit that particular story. In both cases, I then delete the review from the system. Once it's gone, I move on. The delete function is great for the old blood pressure. (smiling)

Review rant started! Speaking of reviews, I just received a very nice one on my ongoing
novel's newest chapters. However, it contained a line I find not in the least helpful. The line was, "Other than a few grammatical and typo errors, the presentation of this read is superb." If I review someone's work and find errors or typos, I gently point them out. How hard is it for others to do the same? Okay, review rant over!

I agree that line is not helpful. I also list specific typos and errors. Even if there are too many to list, I always list several.

From Lynn McKenzie :

Excellent newsletter, Pen Name !

When I get a less-than-complimentary review, I try to consider the source. If it's obviously someone who doesn't know what they're talking about--for example, a review consisting of the sentence "I didn't like this"--then I forget it and delete it. Even then, though, I keep any specific suggestions noted in my mind, in case they come up from additional reviewers.

If it's a long, detailed review which took a lot of time and trouble, I don't dismiss it even if I don't agree with it. I read it over, correct the mistakes pointed out, and usually write at least a note back thanking the reviewer and saying that I'll think about the points s/he brought up. Which is true. Even if I don't act on them, I give them serious consideration.

Lastly, if it's just a hateful review--a type that I've never gotten yet, thank goodness--I would forward it to the SMs and let them deal with it. I would NOT flame them back. That's counterproductive. I admit, I've been tempted to retaliate low ratings with ones of my own, but I've never yet given in to the impulse.

Thanks for an interesting and informative newsletter!

Thank you for your feedback. I also always truly appreciate, and seriously
consider, every suggestion given to me. And if I don't apply it right away, I may go back to the piece months later and utilize it.

From matthewhuge:

Greetings Pen Name !

Here I am reading away on this informative newsletter, relating to every word said, for replies to my reviews to how I feel when get a low rating with a review. While I have matured enough to take a low rating with a review, I can't stand just getting a low rating with no reason as to why...I have considered making reviews needed before they can rate, but I really like having my star average shown to the world, guess I have a small ego problem *Shock* And in giving reviews I try not to give to much opinion on my first review, most I will give is missing comma, if the writer is not a newbie maybe a small opinion or two, but for newbies only technical stuff, in that I don't want to hurt feelings, only help.

I regress from what I started saying, as I am reading along, up pops my story featured in
the newsletter*Bigsmile**Shock* I am so thrilled to be included in the newsletter and
wanted to thank you.

So Thanks so much for including my little story.
Until We Read Again

You are so welcome! I hope you got some good reviews. *Smile* I am with you
a hundred percent on wanting my star average shown to the world. Also, I like to see other
pieces' star averages. So I will not be selecting the "Must review" option for my items, either.

This months's question is: What do you like to get back for your reviews? What is the best/worst reward you have received? Feedback on this topic and any others is always welcome.

TIP OF THE MONTH If you send GP's to thank someone for a review, don't be a Scrooge and give only twenty!

REVIEWING NL FEEDBACK FORUM Comments on ideas for a future
newsletter? All the editors and readers meet here. Join in!
"Feedback Central"   by Storm Machine

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