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This is a story about Gaby and what she goes through just becoming a Teenagers .
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♥ Those Days That Seem Far Far Away ♥
We found out later that Callum’s tagline wasn’t about me, but about Callum asking Candice out and her rejecting him. The next day, I walked to Lauren’s House, we went on the trampoline and talked, I told her that I fancied Adam from our class and she promised not to tell anyone else. We sat there on that trampoline for ages, and the sky went from bright to dark before we noticed, we went in to watch Dancing on ice then Lauren’s Mum Took Me Home.

As I got home, I remembered reality, I was relieved in many ways, as Dominic hadn’t taken it seriously and no one was hurt. I thought Lauren’s confidence had been knocked out after Callum asked out Candice and I needed to reassure her, that there was hope. At school we had Updates, whenever I noticed something like him looking at her or anything like that, I would tell her when I next had a chance. This was surprisingly fun, we did this for about a month, I think. It was a real laugh most of the time, we could sit there and talk for hours on end without a pause.
We went on holiday together for Lizzie’s Thirteenth with our other friends including Lauren and Hannah, it was great fun . It was brilliant, the best; I felt that we could not be any closer. The week after that, I think was the best week I had, for a few months.

The next stage in my drama started on what could not been a more summery Thursday. My dad being away, I walked home on my own from school. Tired, I sat on the couch and started to watch the telly, like most days. But then I got a phone call. It was Lauren, she asked me if I wanted to go to hers and hang out. I was not allowed to Lauren’s house on my own but I did not care and left without a word, why I should care. I Walked to Lauren’s happily as ever, with her making the promise that we would walk back to mine as soon as she had finished tiding her bedroom. As I came in her house, I was quite happy. I went on her laptop and we discussed that Jemma was in a mood with her and she showed me her iTunes. I went on msn, while she tided her room.
While she was doing this, our conversation switched from the boys to Jemma and back and forth. Suddenly, Lauren got a text, it was from Lizzie, it said, “Hi its Callum ly x.” Lauren puzzled figured it was a joke and that Lizzie was trying to find out something, she texted back saying “Huh? .What Do You Mean. x”. Ten minutes or so later, Lauren got a phone call. It was Lizzie, I could hear Lauren going “yeah, that’s cool, we will be there in a minute. Ok bye-bye.” I was puzzled, as this is not how she would normally talk to Lizzie. It semt kind of shorter and there was no mention of Mike ( btw. Max is Lizzie’s long term crush, who she’s been crushing on for like a year and he keeps rejecting her, its funny, (It’s an insider, you won’t get it, we aren't that mean)

She told me “get some makeup on now.” I replied “why, are we meeting Lizzie somewhere, I can’t be bothered with makeup.” She said “No, You twit, Lizzie and Sophia are with Callum and Adam at asda and we are meeting them in a minute.” I panicked. Lauren lent me a top because my top, well it was to showy if you get me. Plain nice top with a cardi. We meet the boys at asda and it was a right laugh. I could not take my eyes of Adam and Lauren off Callum. It was a bit awkward for Lizzie and Sophia because you could tell we weren’t too concentrated on them.
When it came to 5:30, I got a phone call from my mum, asking where I was and I told her Isambard park. Lying and I still got told off and shouted at ,, she told me to come home immediately, the only problem was that my coat and other top were still at Lauren’s so we walked back to Lauren’s and I got my coat and they stayed there and I walked home as quickly as I could to get home. Mum was Livid, nearly killed me and grounded me.

But luckily the punishment excluded the computer. As I got on Lauren asked me to kind off ask Callum who he fancied again somehow without sounding obvious. I tried and when I asked if it was Lauren, he said ‘no but she’s fit though’, I was extremely upset and I did not want to tell Lauren. Lauren was also asking him, and they hinted to each other that it was each in the class and them guesses until no one except Callum had only Lauren left and Lauren had only Callum left and they asked each other, is it me. I don’t know many details after that, the only reason I knew about what had happened so far was the fact that we were on mic chat. But I had to leave the computer. So I texted Lauren and eventually I got a txt that she and Callum were going out and she called me and we screamed and laughed and told each other that it would all work out.

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