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This is a story about Gaby and what she goes through just becoming a Teenagers .
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♥ When Love Comes Around ♥
The next day she called me in the morning, she was wondering what was going to happen to her and Callum when they got to school. She came in late into humanities, her hair straightened and with loads of makeup on. She looked stunning and like a lot of effort was put into it.

At break, he put her arm around her and that was the start of them. At School everyone was really surprised but omg, Candice; well, she looked like she was going to kill Lauren. But Bloody hell, she had her chance with Callum, well actually THREE chances with him, she blew it! Give them some space for god’s sake. You should have seen her face when she found out, we were in science, round the demo desk and as usual we tried to ignore Mr. Scutt and Callum put his arm around Lauren and Candice came over and tried to join and Callum didn’t let her. Obviously, she was a bit shocked and Tasha shouted really loudly, “leave the couple alone, unless you want a threesome!” everyone laughed. Lauren went bright red and Callum looked at Lauren but then Candice was like “what?” The next bit happened really quickly. Tasha said “they are going out! didn’t you know that ?! . She went as pale as a ghost in a blink of a second. Then she moved to the back by Tasha. It was quite funny; I had seen that girl torture people with her ways including Callum himself. Playing hard to get, having them all wrapped around her little finger but now her boy toy was taken, and it was going to stay that way.

That Friday after school, we went out with the boys again, I had to take my sister Daisy. I Remember it clearly, se stat there while they went to get free water from Starbucks. They started spitting it everywhere and everyone was staring, specially a bunch of teenagers behind us. They got a little bit of water on Daisy's bike and she called them assholes. Me and Lauren turned around and pretended we didn’t know them, the teenagers behind us were repeating the way Daisy said Assholes, as she says it in a really particular way, slightly American.

More people were looking at them and we walked to Jemma’s, to meet her (trying to run away from the water spitting business). Unfortunately they followed (jokes). As we walked towards Jemma’s, we saw Jay. I think he was gonna say something to Lauren (they once went out and he’s always really flirty with her) but I think he saw Callum and noticed it was not the best time. He looked upset but almost jealous and disappointed, a bit like Candice but not as strong, well at least he didn’t make it out to be. I’m not sure what is up with that boy but it’s weird and he apparently told Lauren the day before that he would have kissed her if he wasn’t going out with Katy-Jane, if he is going out with Katy-Jane, well honestly you can’t tell cause they are on and off with each other and they are popular so I gave up on keeping track as they usually go from one to the other.

We found Jemma half way to hers and I can’t remember what happened afterwards, but nothing to interesting. I Think we walked to Lauren am other house. Then I was really late in, grounded. But from the computer this time, I found and old one of my dad’s and went on it. It was brilliant, msn when I want. The best thing that happened that day was well Lauren told Adam that I fancied someone to give a hint, and it went from there. I was going out with Adam. On Sunday I think it was but I was just so happy I didn’t take much notice =p. The week went quickly but not much happened it was all cool for the week; we hanged about with the usual crowd and had a great time together. And Cameron and Lizzie went out, it lasted 12 hours. He dumped her before they got back to school. :(

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