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This is a story about Gaby and what she goes through just becoming a Teenagers .
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♥ And How It All Came Crashing Down ♥
The first week back, something started to go bad; everything started to crumble, between people. Jemma was throwing herself at Callum, even though she was going out with Cain. It was wrong; it looked as if she fancied him. Lauren was upset but she did not want it to get in the way of her and Callum so she said nothing to Callum about it because last time with an ex which Lauren was clearly still confused about as she spoke to me about it in a certain way, apparently she tried to express fights between her and Jemma and that the reason he finished it. They never spoke properly again, they were best of friends before, they knew each other before and you could feel how close they were, then fight with Jemma, she told him about it. Boom, gone, they hate each other.

But Lauren loves Callum with all her heart anyways so it doesn’t matter no more. That Monday, the boys knocked for me and we walked to Lauren’s, I tried to convince Cameron to go out with Lizzie but I gave up. But he clearly liked someone else. And Callum started to talk about Lauren, saying he was going to dump her, I called him a shallow bloody Bastard and he said to Adam, watch the mouth on that one and laughed. I was annoyed. What the hell was wrong with him, it semt fine , I thought he liked her, he said , you know all of this was a joke, and I lied saying that I knew that he was kidding trying to look clever , I was so relieved as telling Lauren would have crushed me. But he said I lied about fancying her. I never did, but I wanted to give it a go. And I was going to dump her on the first few days. But then I decided to not cause it was working and he loved her now and I began to actually like her more and more. Then they talked about Cameron’s sister who was supposedly really fit . I Ignored them .

At school Cain got tired of it. He Dumped Jemma. It was all because she acted like Callum was her boyfriend instead of Cain himself. She covered it up brilliantly, I didn’t see her next lesson as I’m in a different art rotation group but she acted like it didn’t happen but I knew that she upset at heart, she was good at covering things but I was better at uncovering them. This only made her worse. I was ill the next day, but she started on Adam. At that point, I wasn’t just annoyed, I was angry at her. The week went by quickly and I and Lauren talked on the phone and we decided on the conclusion that she only did this because she was unsecure and she wanted reassurance in that she could still get boys, she was really insecure. But it looked like it was done on purpose every now and again. Everyone started to notice it, Tay and Lizzie talked about how stupid she looked when she does that. And well ok, nothing we say was going to stop her.
That Friday she was particularly ticked off because I was sleeping at Lauren’s and you could tell that she put extra effort into flirting with everyone else’s boyfriend. It was simply too much. I felt like killing her at some points and shouting ‘Get Your Stupid Slutty Hands off Other Peoples Boyfriends. It’s not fair , leave them alone, stop being a cow and get on, Cain treated you like bloody Gold and you threw him away like he was some rubbish bag.’ But I contained myself.

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