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This is a story about Gaby and what she goes through just becoming a Teenagers .
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♥ When Happy Day's Aren't So Happy ♥
The sleepover was great. Really Cool. Next day, I stayed at Lauren's all morning. Something began to start; Cameron told us he fancied Jemma. We went to the shop ‘the range’ I got a scone: D. We came back and I stayed for tea. We had noodles, we went on msn, Cameron asked Jemma out and she said Yes and me and Lauren screamed our arses off ;).After that Lauren’s Mum Took me Home Cause she’s Cool ! =]. My Parents were annoyed I stayed at Lauren’s all day but they didn’t say much. had her hair cut , it looked ,, umm ... strange in my opinion ,, I didn’t like it much but never mind.

On Sunday I think we went out, can’t remember though it was so long ago, each, we went MacDonald’s then the park. It was coolio. At school everything was slightly funny, but not in a good way, a bit weird. Everything as usual quite boring, afterschool Jemma dumped Cameron. Saying it didn’t work out = [. I was really miffed off and he was really upset. She wouldn’t even speak to me! Ohh I Was PISSED OFF LIKE SO MUCH. Well then on wensday it was like, omg JESS get your bloody hands off PLEASE! But as usual, she didn’t even notice it.

Afterschool, Lauren called me. Very upset, saying that Adam told her that Cameron told him that Callum had said that he and Lauren weren’t going out, he had dumped her. He hadn’t told Lauren she was dumped. So it was strange, wouldn’t he say he was going to leave her, not that he had left her. I told her I didn’t know. I guess.
Then Thursday. I asked him in the morning what the f*** that was about, and he said it was just a joke. That was the worse day for a long time. A long, long time. Every time Lauren or I wanted to talk to our boyfriends she was always there. And it was like there isn’t a point . . . so we kind off didn’t get a chance to talk to them.... en he said to someone something and Rackel overheard and cleverly told me that Callum said ‘he was leave dump Lauren’ and then Cain said he overheard it too. I don’t know, from there it was all a big mess.

Then Cain told us the final news while we waited there outside of Mrs. bank’s office in silence. No one said a word but I said ‘this shows who will always stand by your side ’. Jemma didn’t even speak to her .After the state of shock she was in we went to French! I was like crap as it couldn’t be worse as she’s sat next to Callum and Jemma on the other side of him.

As I’m sat on the complete other side I couldn’t see them very well, but she semt better in ICT and Street dance. If she was upset, her portrait herself as strong and not bothered. I Thought You Couldn’t do anything slightly better. She kept her head held high and ignored him. Street was Coolio . Right Round and This Song, Number One by Kardinal. Afterwards Lauren told me her and Callum made up =]. And Cain and Jemma Made Up! It was a miracle, well at least a chance. I Thought Happy Days! This is a chance for everything to be ok. It looked like nothing could get better for us. Jemma Wasn’t Even Flirting that much and Lauren made up with Lauren and we were all friends, except for one little insignificant fact. I was broken inside. I felt pushed away. It was weird, like no one cared about me now. I just felt so upset.

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