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This is a story about Gaby and what she goes through just becoming a Teenagers .
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♥ Betrayal and Quick Explanations ♥
Well that night, I felt the most I was betrayed for a long time. I just felt overwhelmed and I just couldn’t find the point in life. What is the point in this? and I had to revise for test as well .I thought she hated Jemma but I knew she was behind this. Let me look for the actual conversation history, I'll copy and paste it.

(16:36) Lauren.: Yeah , I'm sleeping round Jemma’s
(16:37) ' - Gaaby : Cool (Y)
(16:38) Lauren.: Well, you know what you should do in case you get bored from revising
(16:39) ' - Gaaby : What ?
(16:39) Lauren.: You should learn how to do your hair , no offence
(16:40) ' - Gaaby : Oh okay .

I just felt a pang of loss. She was being rude to me now and she said all sort of horrid things, it felt terrible. I was so angry and sad. I sat there and sobbed because what I was working towards was falling apart again .

I want to get through the rest quickly as I want to catch up on today .Well basically then Callum dumped Lauren for real. It was sad because well it just was . But she didn’t let it get to her and she carried on and then Cain broke up with Jemma and Adam broke up with me. I wasn’t that upset over Adam but he just did it in a stupid way. He told all his mates, then told Lauren and Lizzie , and then Lauren phoned me and told me, He was acting like he was two but I don’t really care. I was going to break up with him the day after so.

Then Lauren went out with Cain and Lizzie FINALLY went out with Mike. Yeah, I know, Lauren and Cain! , well, long story short, he asked her out, then Jemma wasn’t happy then they got over it, then Lauren went to Cornwall, then I became friends with Jemma and we went outside, then Cain came as well. Me and Lauren started to go to church together, which is really good , as I got to spend time with god and her .( If you are thinking I'm a nutter cause I believe in god, then, you are likely to be ignorant. Well, god is part of my life and always will be. I'm not crazy and I hope you respect my religion) Then When Lauren came back, she dumped him.

He called her a bitch and stuff and after a day or two I think, he had a new girlfriend. Lilied Hoggers. I Think her name suits her as she would fit as a hog, well anyways, she plays a quite big role in this so. Then the Belgium trip. Well, Jemma went out with Callum which was obvious as her behaviour obviously was flirty. Then Callum apparently told her that he fingered this girl, and she started crying and stuff. And she became friends with Millie and Lilly. And then Callum dumped her over the coach, with hand signals: L (we shouldn’t laugh but she bloody deserves it) And Lizzie is still happily with Mike together; p. Then we came up with a system of numbers.

1. Cain
2. Cameron? ( Maybe )
3. Jay ? ( Keeps flirting )
4. Christian (From Church, Fittyy ;))
5. 15 year old ( from church , not really fit, may have to take him of the list )
6. Ricardo,( Lauren’s Italian fling ;)

That’s the original list, it grew a bit. James kept on looking at her in English , which I pointed out , which I will stab myself for every day as it lead to trouble and I honestly don’t know what to do.

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