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This is a story about Gaby and what she goes through just becoming a Teenagers .
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♥ Today Does Come Sometimes ♥
Yeaahh ! Finally were kind off close, but I’ve messed everything date wise but James became seven. As well I skipped my birthday party, which a lot of this happened and the James business started before they went to Belgium but just go along with it. Then well, I just kept on telling her when he looked at her, and she started texting him more, so did I. Aaahh I remember exactly how it happened.

Gina came down from Newcastle, we slept round hers, it was brilliant fun, her parents went out so we screamed and raved and shouted, we had a fight with Meg, ohm it couldn’t get better. It was so funny! The best and I and Lauren were texting James ( we decided James would become 7 ) . Then afterwards the sleepover she admitted to Gina and me that she fancied him! Yay!. James texted me saying, “Who does Lauren fancy then?” Because I went on about that she fancied someone to get him to ask me so he would ask her out and I texted back “I couldn’t say, she will skin me alive ;)” but then he replied and asked “is it me” and I replied “I'm not saying anything”, then he said “so it’s not me”, then I said “well, maybe. I'm not saying more.”

And then the next day, I got sat next to him in humanities and he always talks about her, but not necessarily in a good way, he says , it’s frustrating how she never actually talks to him in school but texts him lots”. But it’s all his mates fault. Because he is mates with an ex of Lauren’s and they would guess that she fancied him. The ex and James are mates and Lauren and obviously, it ended really badly.

This makes everything so difficult. As she can’t exactly talk to him when his mates are around. And he is so popular, But he knows what he is doing, he is a good kisser apparently and he knows how to well get off and things which is a real plus for some. Sometimes, I kind of like him , but I would never go out with him , but I see all his good points and well, it really don’t matter , I don’t fancy him , he is just , well . I’ll leave that, I just keep those thoughts to myself. It’s not like he is on my mind or anything but I just think he is kind of cool, he is good boyfriend material if you get me. But Lauren and James , they would make such a good pair, plus, I haven’t even kiss someone yet, it be a bit too fast for me , like apparently he got off with Katy stellard like two days after they were going out .

I lied about this boy and said he kissed me, he is called josh, well, and he does exist. Don’t get me wrong and he did kiss me, just on the cheek not on the lips, I didn’t mention that ;). He is from my ninjitsu class. Okay back on track, My Birthday, I had a sleepover, then in the morning, Hannah and Jemma, left and went outside for a walk, which was going to be 20 minutes then turned into like 2 hours, and then they came back. I was so angry because I saw they were outside with Adam, so they prefer my ex to me! %$!@^”&.

That same night, James told me he had a thing going with this other girl. I was shattered for Lauren, I tried to tell her but I couldn’t , I physically couldn’t, I tried but the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth, I felt so bad. From that day, I always tried to change the topic from him, and she noticed, so I stopped, then sitting next to him, gave me loads of opportunity to find out things. Which is brilliant, but he always talks about how she texts him too much and doesn’t even talk. And I that he has something going on with another girl, whom I’ve figured out, is Katie Stellard! As they had a long passionate hug, with her, In front of Lauren!

Well, basically, I still can’t tell her that he said it might not go anywhere but I have a feeling I might convince him into liking her or something
I don’t know but I might,
So you will have to wait till tomorrow!

YESS! I'm finally on today, which is great. I’ve missed out bits ohh yeah. We are not speaking to Jemma at all anymore, because she uses us only when Millie and Lilly aren’t around, so Serious, never talking to her again. And I’ve just been informed that Tasha thinks I fancy James, great, well I don’t, Lauren does, I just kind of little have a crush on him from the distance if you get me, well ,its not even a crush, it’s just a liking , I like him , he is cool , he is funny, but I don’t fancy him . it’s not like I would go out with him , it’s not like I think about him , I just get random thoughts, I get them with most boys , just a wonder. But moving on, she’s not replying so I don’t know how long it will be till she tells her that I don’t fancy him! She better!
I’ll write more tomorrow

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