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Book version of my John Wolfstone story
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Chapter 6
When John got to his land, he smiled.

So far, he had over two hundred houses, all at various stages of construction, with thirty of them certified and ready for people to move into. Tawna and Justian gasped as they saw this.

“How can you afford construction on this scale?” Tawna asked.

Justian pointed to the nearest ones. “Why would you build so many different sized houses?”

“Simple really," John said. "Not only were my parents quite wealthy, I was named their heir. Also, this sort of thing was something of a small dream of theirs, for me to be a landlord. Each house is designed to accommodate a relatively large family, with more than enough room to spare for pets, slaves, and of course, guests.”

Tawna and Justian just looked at each other in amazement. They had known that Mr. Wolfstone was a little bit weird, due to his human blood, but this seemed to be just plain crazy. Of course, just when things couldn’t seem to get any crazier, they did.
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