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Chapter 10
After entering the house, John heard the slam of the car doors, followed by engine noise as the giant couple drove away. He lowered his head and let out a sigh

He then looked out the window to see what the building the construction crew was digging the foundation for. It was something that would be his personal touch for the place. Everything else, even if there were a few additions to the original idea, was part of his parents’ dream. To him it was the one thing that had been missing from the painting, a place of learning.

He then looked towards the living room and saw Tawna and Justian standing in the doorway between it and the dining room and kitchen, where he was at.

He then looked at the clock and said, “Looks like I best get supper ready. Now do you remember what I said?”

“Yes Mr. Wolfstone,” Justian said. “‘Eat only what I tell you to.’”

“Good. Now I’m going to get Julia up and get her some proper clothes," John said. "Now, Ms. Tawna, you are to help her get dressed, and if anything should happen...?”

“I know," Tawna said, with a low sigh of annoyance. "Both me and Justian fail the class.”

“Glad you remember that," John said. "Now, if you get bored while you are here, I do have books you can read, some games you can play, and a few decks of cards you can use, and I expect you to also play with Julia. It will help you learn about her and what she has gone through. Also, at night, I want you to think about what she tells you and try to imagine yourself in those sorts of situations. You may find that you have some things in common with her.”

With that, John went upstairs, with Tawna following him.

He then went into the guestroom, set on the edge of the bed and gently tapped Julia’s shoulder.

“Hey sleeping beauty,” he said. “It’s time for you to get up and dressed.”

At this, Julia gave a low groan as she opened her eyes and sat up.

However, when she saw Tawna, Julia went rigid with fear.

“K-k-kit-s-s-sune,” she said, her jaw chattering.

John then said, in a low voice, that Julia couldn’t hear, but Tawna would, “Tawna, I want you to shift into your human form and turn the light on.”

Then he said in a voice that Julia could hear, “Why Tawna, why don’t you turn the light on? It is a little dark in here.”

He then turned his head to look at her, with a cold look in his eyes to silence any complaints Tawna had about shifting into her human form.

“Right away Mr. Wolfstone,” she said, shifting into her human form just as she flicked the light switch next to the door. The sudden change from pitch black darkness to bright light forced Julia to shut her eyes, to protect them, temporarily, giving Tawna enough time to finish shifting into her human form.

“There, there Julia. There are no kitsunes in my home at the moment,” John said, as he comforted Julia in her moment of fear. “However, Tawna is a werewolf, so you might see her in that form, from time to time.”

He then looked at Tawna and nodded, giving permission for her to turn back into that form.

“You see,” he said. “It’s just a part of who she is.”

“Well what about you?” Julia asked. “Aren’t you a werewolf as well?”

At this, John gave a light chuckle. “Actually,” he said. “I’m a bit more complicated than that. You could say I’m a size changer who can shift into the form of a werewolf between the heights of ten and one hundred feet tall.”

“Wow. I’ve never even heard of someone like that,” Julia said, with amazement in her voice.

“That’s because giants and werewolves rarely fall for one another," John said. 'Of course, when my parents found out that the person that they had a crush on, each other, while writing to a student from another school, didn’t eat humans too often and that both were half human, they decided to meet up at a relatively small diner that was close to both of them. The only clues they had about each other were that they would wear similar colored outfits, a red top with a blue bottom. Needless to say, they were very surprised when they saw each other that night. Of course, it was also love at first sight as well.”

John just smiled as he remembered what his parents had told him about that day, his father, with his sleek jet black fur coat and his mother, with her soft brown eyes and light brown curly hair and naturally red lips. It was like a story that was too fantastic to even be fiction.

Of course, there were some problems with their parents when they saw the other person, but, then again, what couple didn’t?

The couple had married a few years later, much to the disbelief of everyone who had attended the wedding, including the priest.

Even more astonishing were the rules they had for those attending the wedding and the reception. They practically threatened to eat anyone, including the priest, if they even tried to eat someone, guest or otherwise.

They even went so far as to claim those, which their relatives had snuck in as snacks, as wedding presents for them.

The only real problem John’s parents had had was having children of their own. The doctors always came back with negative results every time they tried to get their assistance.

It was depressing for them until one day, John’s father saw several children on sale at a stockyard. These were older ones who had had no real chance for adoption. Despite his personal ideas about the practice of selling disruptive children as food, John’s father saw this as an opportunity for him and his wife to have children that they could raise.

He went and bought them and took them home, where he explained to his wife the reason for his purchase. After that, at every chance they got, they would buy up as many children as they could, saving them from fates they did not deserve. Then, after forty years of marriage, John’s mother got the shock of her life, she was pregnant with him.

Of course, this news hadn’t stopped his parents from buying children and giving them second chances.
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