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Book version of my John Wolfstone story
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Remind me to never drink again
When John woke up the next day, he found himself between the remains of some masonry.

He was at his normal werewolf size.

All he could remember after holding Julia in his hand was seeing a bright light in the sky which had inspired him to perform a speech.

The speech had lasted all day, with no one interrupting him, leaving, or devouring one of their neighbors.

Then, just as the sun set, everyone collapsed and fell asleep, exhausted.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not remember a single thing he had said.

All he had were feelings of a great sense of accomplishment and hope for all.

He then stood up, and regretted it, because he had one hell of a headache.

It was worse than that one sorority party he went to and accidentally grew 100 feet, turned werewolf and crushed everybody’s’ cars in a drunken stupor, thankfully no one was in them at the time.

Of course he had paid for the damages. At the moment though, John’s head feels like a giant had stepped on him.

“Remind me to never go out drinking again,” he said, as he picked Julia up and carried her home.

He saw everyone else doing the same, helping others up, not caring too much who or what they were, and heading home.

When he got home, John took a shower and put on a set of clothes.

While it wasn’t necessary for him, or other non humans, to wear cloths, he had been raised that wearing clothing was something that one should do everyday.

He then looked at Julia, who he had laid down on the couch, and smiled.

He loved the little girl, even if she was just a human. True there may be problems in the future, like boyfriends and the like, but for now, he wanted to remember this moment, just as it was, perfect.
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