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John's worries
Then he sat down and started to think.

Even if the government decided not to come after him, chances were that he would be fired from his job.

While giants rarely lost their jobs, due to the fact that it was best not to anger one, otherwise it could destroy part of the city to get back at those that had fired it; John wasn’t really a giant, though he could turn into one.

Also, he was a “vegetarian”, so the school board may feel safe enough to fire him.

At this, John frowned. If he got fired, there would be no one to protect the human students from the other teachers.

Given John’s reputation, most teachers tended not to “fail” students that took his class, which was all of them.

While he had no power in the school system, his physical abilities, and the stories about him, prevented many teachers from doing much harm to the students that took his class.

Also, after he learned why one of his students was not currently in his room, he had gone after that student’s previous class’s teacher and beat him to the point that the teacher vomited that student up.

After school though, that teacher had come after him, while John was still in his “human” form. John though, managed to paralyze that person from the waist down, with a simple kick to his spinal column. The reason he hadn’t killed him was to show his students an important lesson, anyone can kill someone in anger, but that it took something special to stay calm and only do just enough damage to keep one’s self alive, but not kill their attacker. Of course, the school had had to hirer a new gym teacher after that.

Also, he also made sure that students didn’t prey upon other students, at the very least. He had once caught a couple of students doing just that. He had tied them up and hung them in a very painful, and awkward, position from the flagpole. He had made sure that everyone in the school could see them, as the flagpole was visible from most classes.

Needless to say, every student, not to mention teacher, feared him after those incidents. About the only reason students took his class was so that they could get his protection from other teachers. Also, among the teachers, Janus was the only one who didn’t fear him, as Mr. Snapjaw didn’t want to do anything to upset him after his own personal experiences with John.

Janus would sit down with him and talk to him during lunch, which was usually the most dangerous time for human students in the school. However, with John there, no student dared to do anything to another while he was around.
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