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John's realizations, his friend, and a reunion
John sighed as he thought about this.

But then he smiled.

It was unlikely that anyone would have recognized him like that. He had looked like nothing more than a giant wolf, with yellow eyes instead of his normal brown ones.

Also his fur had been pure white, not black like normal. He doubted that even his own parents would have recognized their son, though they might have known somehow, in their hearts that he was their son.

Then he chuckled, causing Julia to wake up.

“What’s so funny Mr. John?” she asked.

John looked at her and said, “Nothing really, but yesterday sure was crazy”

“Yah," Julia said. "Hey, did you see that lady?”

“What lady?” John asked.

“That lady made out of light,” Julia said. "Don't you remember?"

At this, John looked at Julia.

“I remember seeing a bright light,” he said. “But I defiantly didn’t see any lady made of light.”

“I guess it was just a dream then,” said Julia, as she placed her head on John’s shoulder.

“Maybe not,” John said. “I did feel some sort of presence, as if my mother was watching me, as I did that speech. Maybe someone like that was indeed watching over us.”

“Well, whoever she was," Julia said. "I felt safe with you nearby.”

“Same here as well with me little one," John said, as he gave the girl a hug and kiss. "The same for me.”

John then smiled, until he felt his stomach rumble, and heard Julia’s as well.

“Well, I best get breakfast ready,” he said. “I feel hungry enough to eat a giant, not that I would, even if I was capable of the deed.”

“Well, what is for breakfast then?” Julia asked.

“It is eggs, bacon, pancakes and milk and juice, all of it guilt free,” John said.

“So, what would you do if something like the other night happens?” Julia asked.

At this, John looked at her and said, “I would sooner kill myself than to harm you. However, I do know someone who could help us out with that.”

“Who is it?” Julia asked.

“A friend I made when I was going for my teaching degree," John said. "Guy’s a very powerful wizard, and he knows several protection spells. One of these spells was placed upon the doorway to his room. It could keep someone who meant to harm him out, very useful considering that the guy made a lot of ex-girlfriends angry, and had made several girls’ boyfriends very jealous. Heck, the guy once used a barrier that let young ladies to go into the locker room, but not out, until they stripped naked in front of, and got kissed by, him, as well as a few other things, which I don’t want to tell you about. Needless to say, a young ‘female’ shape-shifter convinced him to take it down, after she got him good, by looking like his mother. Trust me when I say I still get a chuckle out of that, because I had told her to do that, thankfully, I don’t think he knows my role in that. However, that one spell of his should keep you safe from harm, as long as you are in that room.”

After the pair had breakfast, John made a phone call.

As he hung up, John heard a poof and said, “You’re late Jimmy, by a quarter of a second.”

“Blame my wife for that,” said a deep voice. “She had to give me a kiss before I left.”

John looked behind him and saw a man wearing a business suit. However, the suit seemed to be alive, and very feminine.

“She looks good on you,” John said, as he kissed the suit’s cuff.

The suit turned a bright shade of red, as if blushing.

“Why thank you John,” said a female voice, which came from the suit’s collar. “You were right when you said he was a handful.”

“Well, something tells me he doesn’t dare cheat on you, especially if he’s wearing you,” John said.

“Well of course not," the suit said. "Considering what I can do to him, like absorbing him into my body, or making him look like a very beautiful, and attractive, as well as delicious, woman.”

“Oh I know all about that Clara," John said, with a chuckle. "Which was why we had that little chat before you went to see him while we were at the university.”

“Hey how often does a shape-shifter like me find someone who likes me, no matter what form I take?” Clara asked, with a chuckle.

“Just as long as you don’t look like my mother when we are in bed again,” Jimmy muttered under his breath.

At this, Clara said, “I heard that, honey.”

Then Jimmy, who was called James by most, though his friends always called him Jimmy, looked at John and said, “So where is this girl you want me to cast the spell for and where do you want me to place the spell?”

“Ah, look at the little dear standing behind him, she’s cute,” Clara said, as she forced James to walk around the table.

“I hate it when she does this,” James said, as he tried to turn his head to keep looking at John.

John just chuckled and said, “Just be glad it’s her and not her ‘brother’. That guy was pissed when you did his girlfriend behind his back, as it were. It took some major reasoning to, not only to get him to calm down, but to convince him not to go out and absorb you, and break the rules of the university.”

At this, James rolled his eyes, and, until Clara formed a bit of a hood, so she could control his head, and make him look at Julia, muttered under his breath a few words that no one should hear. However, as he looked at Julia, he gasped.

“No way,” he said.

“You know this girl?” John asked.

“Well, not directly I assure you," James said. "But there is no mistaking those blue eyes and that red hair. She is my older sister’s daughter, may her soul finally rest in peace. She was kidnapped over ten years ago, and her mother and father were brutally murdered. Heck I couldn’t even turn them into the undead, was how bad it was. While the spirit of my brother-in-law passed on, my sister’s soul has been following me, always telling me to find her child. How did you, of all people, find her?”

“Well, let’s just say a student at the school I work at found her, and I took her from him, and have been taking care of her since then,” John said, knowing that it was best to not upset his friend with the whole story, especially about how he had found the girl half-way down someone's throat.

“Let me guess," James said, looking into his eyes. "She was sold to a stockyard, where his family bought her for their son’s meal, he took her to school, where he tried to eat her, but you intervened.”

“That’s pretty close to it yah,” John said.

“Well, no matter how you got her, thank you!” At this, James wrapped his arms around John, who also felt a bunch of “kisses” on his cheeks from Clara. James blushed when he noticed.

“I guess Clara’s feeling a little affectionate today,” he said, as he saw more than a few wet splotches on John’s face.

“Well it could be worse,” John said as he took a damp cloth and started washing his face. “When my mother kissed my father, she’d have to do it before she put any lipstick on, otherwise he’d have to get new clothes and take a bath before he left for work. As it was, they had to be careful; otherwise my father would get stuck on my mother’s lips.”

At this, John chuckled, as he remembered it.

James then kneeled down, with tears in his eyes, and hugged Julia.

“You have no idea what I went through as I tried to find you,” he said, as he gently stroked her hair, sobbing. “None of my locator spells could work, I was unable to see what you looked like, the police couldn’t find your kidnappers, and there was no trace of you to be found. I searched everywhere I could even think of, restaurants, stockyards, morgues, slave market, pet stores, and every other place, even the sewers and septic systems.”

He then looked at John and asked, “How can I ever repay you for finding my niece?”

John just smiled and said, “Well, you know how I feel about humans, especially ones who can’t use magic, much like your niece here.”

“Yah," James said, as he looked at his friend. "You kept on telling me about what your parents did to help out children unfortunate enough to be sent to stockyards, that they would buy and adopt them as theirs and so forth. You would always say that they deserved to be treated like everybody else, and given the same rights, and that, instead of eating humans, and weaker monsters, that people like you should buy, or hunt, wild animals for meat.”

“Yah, basically," John said. "That is what I would say to you when we were studying about the different races.”

“Well, as much as I’m sure most of my brethren would want to reject our human heritage, I found out at a young age that I could cast more powerful spells when I was around my family than when I was away from them,” James said, letting his dark black eyes turn a gentle blue.

“So, if someone held a rally, calling for equal rights for all, would you attend it?” John asked.

“Defiantly," James said. "I would attend, and support the cause as well.”

Even if only because your family is the reason you can weld powerful magic?” John asked.

“No," James said. "It would be so that no one goes through what I did, as I searched for her. I destroyed several hundred stockyards and restaurants looking for her, and sent those held there to better places.”

“Of course, that was over a course of a decade, right,” John said.

“Yah," James said. "Although I heard a giant white wolf destroyed several dozen in your city yesterday, before it gave a speech that all sentient beings are equal.”

“Oh that’s very true," John said, with a sly smile. "I was there when it happened.”

“What do you think it was?” James asked, as he looked at his friend.

“The spirit of someone who had seen a lot of evil and wants people to change their ways sounds like a very good possibility to me,” John said, as he picked Julia up.

“I’d agree with that dear,” Clara said. “The spirit could have lost someone that it cared about in a violent manner. That does cause spirits to become angry and destructive at times.”

“True, but why would it perform a speech that everyone is equal?” James asked.

“Maybe some things are just meant to be unexplained, until we find the meaning for ourselves,” John said, as he poured a couple of cups of tea for his guests.

He then handed them to the pair as they sat down.

“So let’s talk about Julia,” said John. “Would you two be able to take care of her?”

“Why, we’d love to,” Clara said, with a chirp in her voice.

“However, the lifestyle we have would not be suitable for her," James said. "Between our experiments, and the fact we are often not home, we have no real time to care for a child. She would be better off with you.”

“Yah, well about that, that’s why I called you," John said. "You remember that time you found me asleep outside our room?”

“Yah," James said. "For some reason my protective barrier spell decided that you were a threat to me and forced you outside of our room. I’ve never figured out why it did that to you, cause every other time before and after that, it let you into our room.”

“That’s because, that night, I was a threat to your safety,” John said, with a sigh.

“What do you mean?” James asked, concerned about his former collage roommate.

“Let’s just say that there are times that a part of me hungers for the taste of long pig, if you know what I mean,” John said.

“You’re serious, a vegetarian like you, hungers for the taste?” James asked, with a nervous look on his face.

John turned his head away, in shame, and nodded.

“Yah,” he said, as he looked back at James and Clara. “And with Julia here, well, I want to make sure she’s safe during those times. I was lucky the other night, I stepped on a loose board I hadn’t gotten around to fixing, and was able to come to my senses before I was able to cause her any harm.”

“And you obviously don’t want any harm to happen to her,” James said, as he looked at his friend.

“Yah, you got that right," John said, as he lowered his head slightly. "Then again, I wouldn’t want her spirit haunting me because I couldn’t control myself.”

“Well, in that case," James said, finishing his tea. "Show me the room she sleeps in.”
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